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September 2018

The facilities, beautiful. 5/5. The food and service 3/5. Planning process 0/5.

We had our wedding here Sept 8, 2018. The food was not the same as our tasting, as they switched catering companies. They were also terribly slow at getting the courses out. Our meal, planned for 2 hours of the night took 3 hours.

The planners quit when they announced a changeover, so we had a total of 4 planners over the last 6 months of planning. Each time we switched planners all of our planning was lost and so we would have to start over.

We had a new planner within 3 weeks of the wedding, so all of our planning was lost and we had to start over.

If you’re a last-minute planner, this is your jam! However, if you’re like me and want things done early on so you don’t have to worry, expect multiple meltdowns.

I gave pioneer village a chance to rectify these issues before writing a review and after a week I still have not heard back - which is no surprise given what I experienced during the planning process.
In in their defence, the night went fairly smooth aside from a lengthy dinner service. But I do not recommend due to the stress leading up to my wedding.

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Blackcreek Eventspace

Good Day Nicole,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to address your feedback. We sincerely regret the experience you had throughout the planning and the execution of your special day. recently partnered with the TRCA to manage and maintain their event space at the historic village, and although we are unable to address the experience you had with the TRCA, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience with our team. Your comments are important to us and we want to ensure you are left with fond memories of your wedding at Black Creek Pioneer Village. At this time I encourage you to reach out to our Director of Catering Laurie Bernardi to discuss this matter further at 905-326-2000.

On behalf of, congratulations on your recent nuptials and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


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Rosemary Nestor

September 2018

Came for the escape room experience. It was great! The actors were awesome and the puzzles were challenging. The village is also very cute! Will definitely be back!

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Grace Moyer

September 2018

I never got to go on a field trip here, so today was my first visit. It's now super easy to get to by TTC (only about a ten minute walk).The buildings are beautiful, bit hot, but that's not unexpected. The staff are nice and knowledgeable. There is a beer tasting in the basement of one of the buildings which was very neat.I'm really interested in print making, weaving, sewing and all that kind of stuff so I found it fascinating. Went with a few friends and had a picnic lunch, I wanted to sit on the grass but the guys didn't want to so took advantage of the proper seating they have. Washrooms were super clean, there is a water fountain/water bottle filling station right by the washrooms which was also handy.Also at the start there's an exhibit thing where you can pick a character and follow them around the place, my group dumbly each picked one which made it difficult since you go to different places in a different order based on maybe don't do that. Pick one and follow them around.

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Mark Ebden

August 2018

Varied collection of buildings, lots of activities for kids (including a family play). Go when the weather is nice since it is an outdoor village. When I went on a sunny day in 2016 this place was amazing! Definitely worth the trek up there. Great memories.

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Making Her Mrs.

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The Pavilion is perfect for a semi-outdoor event! I always love attending events here and I even chose this venue for my wedding. It really is a lovely venue.

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Auspicious Melody ~ Violinist

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Having an outdoor event is always nice and even more so when you are surrounded by heritage homes and old time structures. There is a charm in holding one's event at Black Creek Pioneer Village, and even more so if you love animals. :) It's a lovely venue.

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The Mighty Cob

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We loved being part of the unique culinary and heritage experience celebrating local food, businesses and history at Black Creek’s Local Food Festival!

Seeing the heritage educators demonstrating how rural families in the 19th century made a product similar to ours and how they prepared for the harvest was an awesome experience.

We're looking forward to being at Black Creek Pioneer Village time and time again.

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Marvelle Events

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We love getting our hands on the Pavilion. It is such a great location for an event. Looking forward to coming back many times in 2015

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