We are living in strange times and as social distancing and self-isolation go on for longer, many couples are finding themselves spending a lot of time together. While it is important to make sure you are giving yourself adequate time to recharge, you may also be finding that your ‘date nights’ have turned exclusively to ‘Netflix and fall asleep on the couch’. Well, we are here to tell you that just because we are quarantined, there is no reason to stop dating each other! So, take a shower and brush your hair – here are five totally awesome ways to make quarantine a little less bleak:

Learn to Cook Something New

There are a ton of great food blogs and YouTube channels out there – find your favourite dish and recreate it together. Food is one of the great love languages of our time and now may be the perfect time for a sexy cooking date complete with good wine and some smooth jazz. Want to get extra points? Cook the meal you shared on your first date, or maybe your partner’s childhood favourite.

Date Nights in Quarantine

Take an Online Workout Class

Since we have the gift of so much extra time, now may be the perfect time to start #sweatingforthewedding… together! Head over to Instagram or YouTube to find ample free workout classes that you can do in the comfort of your own quarantine. Get sweaty and make it fun. Up for a little competition? Challenge your partner to see who can do the most reps with the loser having to do the dishes or clean the bathroom.

Date Nights in Quarantine

Purge and Declutter

It may not seem sexy, but organizing your storage room may be the ticket to date night. Every couple has that room that they just toss things in and hope for the best. Well, now is your chance to purge and organize it! Besides, going through memories and spending time chatting is a great way to connect with your partner.

Date Nights in Quarantine

Learn a New Skill

If exercise isn’t your thing, consider learning a new skill with your partner. Maybe you’ve always wanted to build a side table or learn how to paint– now is the time! Make a list of everything you’ve always wanted to learn how to do and pick one at random. You and your partner will have fun learning together and hey, maybe even find out you’re really good at something you never thought of! Some great ideas: Lettering; Household fixes; Magic tricks.

Group Date Night

If you’re missing your weekly charcuterie and wine night with your friends – do it! Hop on social media apps like Zoom or Houseparty and host a get together with your favourite people. Have everyone create their own charcuterie and bring their favourite wine, then chill and chat like you were sitting next to each other!

Social distancing doesn’t mean we need to emotionally distance from our friends and loved ones – it just means that we need to get creative in how we spend time together!