A beautiful blend of elegance and urban glam perfectly encapsulates Sujan and Onofre’s big day. The Fifth Events provided a stylish backdrop for the couple’s chic celebration. Zsuzsi Pal Photography captures every magical moment.

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The couple shared an adorable first look as part of their romantic photo session.

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The intimate ceremony was filled with lots of light and accented by fresh stripes, emanating a spring-like vibe.

Summer ceremony setup at The Fifth Grill & Terrace ZsuziPalPhotography0013 ZsuziPalPhotography0014 ZsuziPalPhotography0015

Because of the intimate style, the newlyweds’ reception was able to be both cozy and chic. Opulent chandeliers hanging overhead (along with dazzling disco balls) and tabletops with bright florals and violet votive candles made for a refreshing twist on tradition.

beautiful reception at The Fifth Grill & Terrace Zsuzsi Pal Photography, 9 ZsuziPalPhotography0018
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