A larger than life candy cottage, a peppermint palace, miles of red, green and white drapery, over 800 dressed chiavari chairs and dozens of candy-coloured-coordinated tables – now this is how we deck the halls!

Have you ever wondered what goes in to planning such an enormous undertaking?  Today we’re talking with our friends at Decor & More to discover all the behind-the-scenes details and planning required to bring such a tremendous spectacle event to life!

The team shares with us the concept and planning of this extravagant “Peppermint Twist” event (a Holiday celebration at Casino Rama) to the details behind the set up – an effort clocking in at four ’round-the-clock set up days.

What was the objective of this event?

“The objective was to plan and execute a festive holiday party for 840 people which would utilize the complete space, and incorporate Christmas candies, brilliant colours, and deliver a completely immersive experience for all guests.”


How did your team begin to plan and prepare for the event?

“The planning stages for Peppermint Twist began 9 months prior to the event. The Decor and More team gathered together to work through the initial concept. The sales team, event coordinators, and design team all came together to develop Peppermint Twist. One of the first elements to be discussed was our candy cottage. This was a 12’ x 12’ x 15’ structure held up by pillars made of graphic and dimensional candy. On either side of the candy cottage, life sized gingerbread people in a gingerbread pine forest provided an immediate immersion into the Peppermint Twist world.”


“Over the course of the following months, the design details of the event were refined and developed in concert with the end client’s design team.  We were confronted with several challenges during this design period. Various suppliers of products we had hoped to use, found themselves unable to secure product in the quantities needed. As a result, we had to re-source several key design elements.

Ultimately, we were able to source different suppliers who met our needs, and got the product to us in the time needed in order to repurpose, repackage, and integrate them into one cohesive look.”


Tell us about the execution of those plans – how did your team go about bringing the event to life?

“Our in-house carpentry shop was initially overwhelmed by the sheer volume of custom builds for this project. Fortunately, we were able to begin construction well in advance of the project date. The concern then became where to put the product as we produced it. We have a 30,000 square foot working warehouse that was slowly becoming congested. Ultimately we were able to rent a transport trailer to not only store the new product, but also, conveniently, to travel to the end client’s venue for the installation.”


“Upon arrival at the event venue, we were greeted by the excellent Casino Rama staff who had already prepared the rigging and the lighting for the event. Over the course of 4 days the room transformed. The amazing team at Curtain Call enveloped the room in red, white and green drapery, until it felt as though you were stepping into a peppermint candy. Set around each table, covered by linens in the triad of peppermint colours, were white chiavari chairs from Detailz with a red seat pad and a holiday pashmina, continuing the life size peppermint theme. From a distance each table looked like it was made of candy!”


“A massive peppermint palace provided a breathtaking vista when guests entered the room. Centered between the two wings of the palace was a 15’ spinning conical candy tree. This movement gave the vista a more dynamic look than it would have had as a static element. Suspended over the tables were 5 peppermint chandeliers – their natural movement in the air currents provided a calming influence to the riotous amount of colour in the room.”

Tell us about the finished set up – how did the room look?

“At the end of the fourth installation day, guests arrived to a room that was a complete transformation from anything they had seen before. Guests immediately made their way around the room, snapping pictures of the peppermint presents and candy vignettes, the candy cottage, the peppermint palace, the living décor Peppermint Patty’s, or stopping at one of two photo opportunities, complete with a professional photographer, taking group shots all night.”


“Guests were overheard remarking on how gorgeous the event was, and how they couldn’t believe how different the space looked.  The life size gingerbread woman and men were a particular hit with guests jumping up from their tables to snap a picture or to give them a hug. In the end the event was able to deliver on being a brilliant feast of colour, a playground for the adults in attendance, with a high-end style that appealed to the brand excellence of Casino Rama.”


Check out this amazing time lapse video of the four day set up!