When Carly and Alex’s wedding arrived in our inbox from our good friend Jessica at A Brit and A Blonde Photography, we fell in love and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

As she always does, Jessica connects with her clients on a personal level and gets to know their love story so she can capture every detail and moment that’s important to them. She tells us that “Carly and Alex wanted their wedding decor to be a reflection of them as a couple – young, fresh, and modern, but still strongly rooted to family and cultural traditions.” We think they achieved that vision with perfection!

abritandblonde001 abritandblonde0002 abritandblonde002a abritandblonde002b abritandblonde0003

“The hand-made paper cranes decorating the alter and receiving table were lovingly crafted by Carly’s mother and her extended family in a multitude of colours; representing the Japanese tradition that the making of 1000 paper cranes will mean a wish will be granted. Alex’s grandmother also provided a special gift by hand-inking the individual table number cards in Chinese calligraphy.”

abritandblonde0022abritandblonde004 abritandblonde005 abritandblonde006 abritandblonde007 abritandblonde008 abritandblonde009

Only steps away from the beautiful Airship 37, and the perfect backdrop for a post-nuptial photoshoot, these lovely photos were captured after the ceremony in Toronto’s historic Distillery District:

abritandblonde0010 abritandblonde0010a abritandblonde0010b abritandblonde0012 abritandblonde0013 abritandblonde0013a abritandblonde0014 abritandblonde0015 abritandblonde0016 abritandblonde0016a abritandblonde0016b

 “We absolutely adore the fun and personal wall art and invitations depicting the couple which were created by their close friend and graphic designer Carlos Melendez. They chose a mix of pinks, oranges and golds for their florals, table settings, and the paper lanterns that adorned the otherwise sleek and simple white space. For an extra dose of colour, Carly chose navy bridesmaids dresses, chopstick favours, and ribbon for the cupcake stand.”

abritandblonde0017abritandblonde0018 abritandblonde0019 abritandblonde0020 abritandblonde0021