Oh how we adore receiving style shoots! Collaborations between the industry’s finest produce breathtaking photos designed to inspire, delight and captivate brides-to-be.

Today’s session comes together courtesy of Julia Park Photography and wedding planner extraordinaire Diana Pires of  Diana Pires Events. Diana says it best when she tells us that the inspiration behind the shoot comes from “glitter, gold, and a lovestruck crush of Spring’s Natural Beauty“.

“The details that make this shoot extra special include the stationary imprinted in gold created by Giulias Invitations along with her chained Seating Chart, the gold flatware and glassware supplied by Chairman Mills along with the lemon sorbet linen that brought the entire tablescape together, and you cannot forget the vintage white couch set in the mild of the high gardens.”

juliaparkphotography001 juliaparkphotography001a juliaparkphotography002 juliaparkphotography003 juliaparkphotography004 juliaparkphotography004a juliaparkphotography005 juliaparkphotography005a

“The centrepiece vases were dipped in satin-gold dye, decorated with fresh peonies and ralanculuas, complementing the style shoot oh so perfectly.”

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Graydon Hall Manor was our host. It’s terraces, garden walls, and auxiliary building as well as the courtyard fountain was the perfect setting for our shoot.”