When it comes to time to think about “wedding day memories”, most people turn to photographers to capture their special day. But have you considered a wedding video?

Wedding videos capture all the subtleties and nuances that you may have missed during your special day.  Wouldn’t you just love seeing your husband or wife prepping for the big day with their friends? Capturing their every beautiful movement; the melodious tones of excitement in anticipation of walking down the aisle – who would want to miss that?

We wanted you to hear it from the dream makers themselves, so we called up nine of Toronto’s top videographers to compile this amazing list for you. All the videographers have included a sample of their work, so kick back with your sweetheart, read up on each videographer’s style, and take a watch.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section!


Images Weddings

Packages Start at $2700
With over 20 years in the industry, the talented videographers at Images Weddings offer a truly remarkable way to capture your wedding day: their style is to be an unobtrusive presence while capturing all the details of your day allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience. When it comes to having input on the final product, Images Weddings says “you are intergral to the final product” and works with your ideas to create your customized masterpiece.



Love Madly Wedding Films + Photography

Packages Start at $4800
The Folks at Love Madly believe “the only way we can truly capture and re-tell your story is if we know you and feel a connection with you.” With this personalized approach, the company makes it a point to really get to know you (in-person or online) before booking your date!  “Each of our couples’ is unique and getting to know them and connect with them makes it so exciting for us to capture and re-tell their wedding story.” In order to offer this personalized service, Love Madly limits the number of weddings they film each year. They are always excited to meet with new couples and their work truly is inspired by and created for those who love madly!



New Paramount

Packages Start at $2700
New Paramount Studios Limited is a full-service studio, producing all of their own work in-house. Their talented staff are full-time professionals with accreditation in photography. Their philosophy is simple: “to produce excellent work, on time, and with excellent pricing.” Being in business for over 80 years, they continue to innovate and are leaders in the industry. You can be sure that they will provide you with gorgeous memories of your big day.



Derek Chan Films

Packages Start at $3900
Derek Chan Films is a boutique wedding film studio passionate for crafting beautiful films for their clients. Derek tells us “when we film a wedding, we are always looking for natural-candids. We make sure we get to capture the various raw emotions throughout your wedding day.” They have three crucial elements that they use to create their films: sound, visual and story selling.



RC2 Films

Packages Start at $3000
Lead by Ramon Cespedes Jr, the RC2 Films team are “filmmakers and storytellers who truly love what we do. Wedding films are our passion. Our work is inspired by and made for you.” RC2 uses two key elements when filming your day: low-key candids + creative. The team wants you to focus on your day and leave the details to them! They strive to capture the details of your day (big or small) and create a treasured memory that you will watch over and over again.



 Empty Cup Media

Packages Start at $4000
An award winning documentary filmmaking company operated by husband and wife team Colin Burwell and Carla Sinclair, Empty Cup Media has several Hot Docs film screenings under their belt. Colin and Carla combine their charming personalities with filmmaking expertise to create engaging wedding films. Their editing focus is on marrying audio from speeches and live sound clips with relevant high calibre visuals to create 20-30 minute documentary-style films, along with an online short film. Clients book Empty Cup Media for their storytelling ability, filmmaking experience and love of the craft.



 Brightside Films

Packages Start at $2700
Brightside Films “captures natural candid moments with a creative flair.” They take a relaxed non obtrusive approach to filmmaking allowing moments to unfold organically. The end product is heartfelt, cinematic and emotionally provoking. It is clear that Brightside Films genuinely loves what they do. They have a passion for creating art and it shines through in all of their work.



 Summerfield Films

Packages Start at $3900
Summerfiled films “captures the story of your wedding day with breathtaking cinematic wedding videography and assembles the images into a visual masterpiece. The result is a celebration of life, love and you.” Summerfield believes that the ultimate secret to creating the perfect film is you and your love story. From the moment they meet you, they are beginning to create your wedding film. The team will be there to capture all the beautiful images of your day and upon delivery of the finished film, will provide you with the moments you may have missed or forgotten about in the whirlwind day that is your wedding.



 Patrick Hodgson

Packages Start at $3500
Patrick is filmaker based in Toronto whose “greatest thrill is seeing how my clients and audiences react” to his work. He happened upon filming weddings when he casually shot some footage and made a video for a friend’s wedding. He sees weddings a little different than most, saying that “if you could remove the hectic schedule and chaos from that day, you just have two people who are making a real and beautiful commitment to each other. That’s what I strive to capture: the magnitude of what marriage symbolizes. The humanity and beauty of real love.” He shoots a limited number of weddings per year since he puts many hours of time and effort into making the final film unique and a true reflection of the couple.