What do you get when some of Toronto’s most talented wedding and event professionals get together to stylize a session? A stunning, modern session celebrating love! With concept and styling headed by Lynzie of Love by Lynzie Events + Design, this session perfectly showcases some fun and unique ways you can work some color into your event! As much as we love our neutrals and pastels, these fun and fresh colours just bring a smile to our faces.

Looking for a wall feature that isn’t overwhelming but still adds some serious punch?  Check out the honeycomb backdrop made solely of colored paper and white bristol board – it’s fun, whimsical and a perfect DIY project for those hands-on brides!  We also love how the honeycomb motif was then delicately incorporated into the cupcake and cake design.

We hope your hearts sing like ours did with this modern and gorgeous session which was created in conjunction with Love Struck Expo (a traditional trade-show disguised as an authentic wedding, click here to find out more about it).

Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0001 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0002 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0003 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0004 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0005 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0006 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0007 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0008 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0009 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0010 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0011 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0012 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0013 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0014 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0015 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0016 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0017 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0018 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0019 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0020 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0021 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0022 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0023 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0024 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0025 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0026 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0027 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0028 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0029 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0030