Originally from Toronto, Marieke and Mark now call London, England home. The expats even planned the wedding from across the pond — without a planner, no less. The results: simply stunning. With the Berkeley Church & Field House serving as the ultimate romantic spot, and A Brit & A Blonde behind the lens to capture each gorgeous moment, you’ll surely be inspired by this wedding!

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The couple indulge in a romantic photo shoot using Toronto’s many scenic spots as the perfect backdrops.

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The tented ceremony was both intimate and playful, accented beautifully by colourful flags, twinkle lights, and red rose petals.

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The couple’s modernly elegant reception is a blend of simple sophisticated elements (like the fantastic florals by Blossoms Rosedale Flower Studio) and darling DIY details. The newlyweds and their friends created many charming items themselves, including the seating chart, dinner menu, and granola party favours. The delicious desserts, including a coconut pineapple cake, from Bobbette & Belle capped off the evening.

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