From the stack of bridal magazines on the kitchen counter, to the 50 bridal websites you have bookmarked, finding inspiration can be overwhelming. If only you had a fairy godmother, who was plugged into all the latest trends and could condense all this information for you… Oh wait you do! That’s us.

Here were 2014’s best sites for wedding beauty inspiration, all in one neat and tidy place.

Keiko Lynn – Basic Contour, Blush, & Highlight

Keiko Lynn has provided one of the easiest to follow contouring tutorials. I absolutely love the way she provided each step as a large, easy to see photo with clear contouring instructions.

Her use of darker shades for the purpose of showing each step clearly, allows even the most novice brides to achieve the same results.

Kate Allen – Everything Brides Should Know About Wedding Day Hair

This takes a whole new approach 5to bridal advice for the perfect hair. Instead of promoting expensive products, she gives brides practical advice for ensuring the best results for the big day.

The best part of her article is how well it translates to all areas of the wedding, not just the hairstyle.

MunaluchiBride – Wedding Makeup for All Shades of Brown

This features beautiful photos highlighting several makeup styles for multicultural women, from understated beauty to makeup that pops. Coupled with the interview with Abby of Juicy Looks, this article is a must read for woman of color.

Abby offers priceless tidbits of advice from how to conquer the under eye bags, to keeping your makeup looking fresh.

Byrdie’s Allie Flinn – 12 Dreamy Wedding Makeup Looks For Every Type of Bride

This sideshow, with beautiful, easy to see photos showcasing makeup styles from Bohemian to vintage, is a great place for brides to find makeup inspiration.

I love how the ideas are grouped by bridal theme, offering brides a range of choices that are sure to make them glow on their big day.

Christine at JunebugWeddings – Bridal Beauty Inspiration – 15 Wedding Makeup Ideas For The Bride

These high quality photos perfectly show off the bride’s make up with a wonderful range of understated and vibrant looks for multiple skin tones.

This may be a makeup article; however, brides will also get a bit of inspiration on hairstyles and accessories that will complement the makeup.

Curtis at HansonEllis – Top Wedding Hair & Makeup Ideas From Pinterest

This is a wonderful collection of this year’s best hair and makeup ideas for brides and the bridal party. They show off hair styles for long to medium length hair, that go beyond the standard up-do.

You will love how each look can easily be copied, as well as adapted to meet your unique style and tastes.

Wedding Chicks – Flawless Bronzed DIY Wedding Makeup

As an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial, this article will teach you how to get the perfect bronzed look. It also comes complete with detailed instructions, and tips on making it look airbrushed perfect.

Trust me, you will appreciated the detailed shopping list that came with the article, which takes the guesswork out of attempting to get the same style.

Jomal at MakeupAndBeauty – Indian Bridal Wedding Shoes

This is a great list of blinged out footwear, perfect for every bride wanting that extra pop.

The intense colored photos, that show off each sparkling jewel, are not the only reason I picked this inspirational article. Jomal also offers advice on finding the perfect shoe for your wedding, including considerations such as “shoe bite” and heel height.