We love this bohemian vintage inspired stylized session with concepts by Love by Lynzie Events + Design and flowers by Toronto’s Hoopla Event Styling and Design.

From the rustic and colorful bouquet, to the fun and fashion forward floral crown, to the beautiful and creative backdrop made using vintage book pages and botanical prints, we are sure you’ll agree that this is a piece inspired by modern heaven!

Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0031 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0032 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0048Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0033 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0034 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0035 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0036 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0037 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0038 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0039 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0040 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0041 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0042 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0043 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0044 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0045 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0046 Love_Struck_ Stylized_L_B_Lynzie_0047