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Mary A

What's with the LOCAL GUIDE reviews ??? Haven't been yet, but as I am considering watching a movie here I see that "Local Guide" reviews are all average or above, while the rest seem to be predominantly low.....Hmmm.... do "Local Guide" reviewers get some sort of perk? seems suspect,...but can't say for sure obviously. Any way since it has 4.1 will leave a 4 so that the comment does not affect - but have made the decision not to go --

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Sàshīl P.G.

The pros: one can easily learn...which in all fairness I must accredit as OUTWEIGHING the following.As for the cons... One employee was edgy. There were a couple pieces of recyclables laying on either side of my seat in the auditorium. There was a beverage spill sitting in the middle of the main floor for at least a few minutes before tended to by an employee, which God knows could've been a while. Most importantly, I very well tried out the D-Box, however to only find it merely vibrated subtly, just over bordering noticeable, albeit in all fairness that wasn't what my ticket was assigned. Plus, worth mentioning is that the prices of all types of offers are a bit miserly, asking for too much - expensive, expedient, pricey, overpriced, and perhaps even ludicrous As if cinema is predominantly for splurgers and/or rich folk!!

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Nora Khudhair

When one staff does not get three different orders right, and does not even offer a tray, you have to ask for one, even when the four orders do not even fit on the counter; then once you manage carrying the $80 worth of snacks, and carry them all to go to the escalator, another staff member with his groom runs into you because he was joking around with another team member at the far other end of the theatre. Half of the pop corn was spilled on us and on the ground, almost fell on the ground as he was really not paying attention. The best they could do is that they asked me if i wanted that pop corn to be topped up i could go back to the counter. Yeah, and wait another 10 minutes in line and miss some decent seating in the theatre? To top it up, the seats at cinema 7 are filthy and disgusting, i had to cover them with napkins to be able to sit on them, they clearly do not do a good job cleaning. Lastly, if you are a scene member, and do the time play before the movie and win, you will hardly find someone who is knowledgeable enough to help you retrieve what you won. By the way, when getting to the counter, make sure you tell them if you are a scene member because they do not ask and do not care. I am regretting the $140 spent that day for such a terrible service.

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Nerea García

Good-sized theatre, good selection of movies and food. They have a kind of food court in the lower level (where you purchase the tickets). They also have 3D movies. And theres a lot of ways to purchase tickets. The parking lot is great, its huge. Great prices and comfortable seats. Its quiet between 9 and 10 pm sessions.

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Name: Darlene Stewart

Title:Executive Director, Groups & Events


Phone: Show number(800) 313-4461

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Multiple Locations, Toronto
Multiple Locations, Toronto​ 43.5633226 -79.567162