Madsen's Banquet Hall

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Madsen's Banquet Hall

Jennifer Webb

February 2020

This venue is absolutely stunning! So beautiful, truly the best location for your dream event! My sons wedding took place here in February 2020. Everyone told us it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended! The atmosphere provided by the greenery and blossoming flowers above give the impression you are in a garden by day and the twinkling lights overhead, around trees and artfully draped here and there cannot be duplicated elsewhere! Waterfalls, bridges and archways provide alluring appeal that your photographer will appreciate.

Madsen's Banquet Hall


January 2020

It's a beautiful venue for any wedding. You should really consider this place, especially if you're considering getting married at dusk.

Madsen's Banquet Hall

Jeremy Ng

December 2019

Came for a wedding. Food was not bad. Drink service was quick and very friendly staff. Had a great time. The venue itself was very nice and open.

Madsen's Banquet Hall

Jin Dhaliwal

November 2019

Had our wedding here on Nov 10th, 2019. The most beautiful venue I've ever been to. It looks magical when the lights come on. It was a little slice of spring in winter. Thanks for making our day perfect. Lisbeth was lovely and accommodating, the food was very well received, the DJ was also very well prepared.

Madsen's Banquet Hall

Mark Christy

October 2019

Very beautiful spot to have a wedding. The set up is beautiful. This is a dream for photographers because there is lots of natural light during the day, yet sheltered from the cold, windy, of rain. I wonder how this place would being the summer since it it a greenhouse. But yea, at night, they have a lot of lovely lights and decor that look amazing.

Madsen's Banquet Hall

Mr. Wilson

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We love to go there... so beautiful and our concept fits very well with this venue

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