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Muah Cosmetics

A Abouelalla

December 2019

The best

Muah Cosmetics

Angela Fisher

September 2019

Only giving this place 3-stars because of their deceptive business practices...they told me one price and charged me another. What salon charges for REGULAR nail polish when you get a refill?! Ive never heard of that in my life and would have rather them give the total price with polish. The technician tried to tell me that most people get clear polish? What?? Be honest about your business and you will get repeat customers

Muah Cosmetics

Amy Quelch

February 2019

I recently started going to Muah Beauty and I absolutely love it, the cleanest and most welcoming nail salon I've ever been to, they were able to squeeze me for an earlier appointment to suit me, very relaxing and love the results. I'll be going back that's for sure!!

Muah Cosmetics

Subie 1998

December 2018

Im writing this on my boyfriend's account but I went to go do my nails here probably 3 weeks ago. It looked very clean and wanted to give this place a try. So I went to do my nails here and when I asked the girl about doing certain things like marble design and a dripping design she was giving me attitude and saying the picture I showed her wasn't marble when it clearly was cause it said on the picture it was a marble design. She did acrylic on my nails but it was the powder one and she did the steps of putting powder and nail polish and she repeated this like 3 times when I asked for acrylic gel. On top of that she was rushing me to choose what design I wanted and was saying to stop choosing designs cause im gonna keep changing my mind.Which I found pretty rude.Then at the end I just choose to do a nude nails cause she kept rushing me to choose something.My nails cost me $35 and they came off 2 days later just by me scratching my leg.She didn't even glue the fake nails properly cause they kept coming off while she was doing them and she kept adding more glue.I had also asked her why the nail on my middle finger was so bubbly and thick on the sides cause it was coffin shaped.She told me that's how it is because I have bulgy sides on my nails and couldn't fill them straight.Which was wrong because I went to go do my nails some place else and they did it straight with no bulges and didn't have a problem filling them for me to a proper coffin shape.

Muah Cosmetics

Jummy O

April 2018

I have been coming to Muah Beauty for almost 3 years now and I always leave my appointment with a smile on my face. I've gotten my nails, makeup and eyelash extensions done here. I get my nails done by Brenda and she always makes sure the shape of my nails look perfect! I've had eyelash extensions and makeup done by May, and she brings whatever vision I have in mind to life. I will continue to recommend Muah Beauty to people, because they provide excellent customer service.

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