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December 2016

North 44 has a manager who does not know how to listen to his customer. I called the restaurant the day before our dinner and was told clearly they charged $50 for bringing your own wine. I asked for confirmation that the charge is for three bottles of wine for my whole table. She went away and came back with a firm confirmation that it is for the three bottles of wines and the whole table. I am OK if the restaurant make a mistake and apologize, but NO. The manager went to an extend to deny and repeatedly inviting his staff to join the conversation to make a point that his staff did not make a mistake and it was me who did not get it right. If this is a high end restaurant, then they employed the wrong manager. He kept explaining the logic behind the $50 charge forgotten that the tips for the dinner is more than the amount and why explained his business logic to a customer. No one is interested of how he does his business or he must make at least $50 profit per bottle of wine. Wonder if he explains to his customer how his chef cook the food when the customer is not happy with the food. North44 charges is high. The charges are not just the food, but the experience and satisfaction. The manager failed. North 44 should not hire a cheap manager to serve his high end customers.

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Alist Beauty

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Looking forward to being a part of another event with North 44 Caters!

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