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Park Lane Limousine

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Reviews of Park Lane Limousine

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Park Lane Limousine


July 2017

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Terrible! Run down, covered in rust, no ac broken windows. Driver; miserable and Moody, and unhelpful, other companies at least help the ladies and gents in and out of the car! This was booked for a wedding! Everyone was sweating and uncomfortable the whole ride there and back!

Park Lane Limousine

stephen pauwels

May 2016

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Thieves. Crooks. Scoundrels. Scammers. Rip off artists. These are the kinder things I can say about this company. If you have the good fortune to read this before you've given them your credit card info then just run. PARK Lane Thievery Corporation ruined a very big event I planned. I don't believe they even own the bus they had a photo of on their website which they claimed "broke down" a few hrs before they were due to pick us up. Their replacement was a joke and an embarrassment and they offered not a cent nor an apology in compensation. Just arrogance and threats. They actually charged my credit card as an "advance" on the legal costs they threatened to pursue if I didn't delete my complaint. Run run run....

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