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Old Mill Toronto

Most Recent Review
"Had lunch (although it was more like brunch based on the food). Food was good but the service was absolutely fantastic! Absolutely world class. Finally took some nice pix outside in the garden. Overall a nice place to visit for a special occasion like anniversaries, bday etc... " (more)

YWCA Toronto

Most Recent Review
"Fantastic experience at the YWCA! We rented the venue for a week for a conference and the staff were friendly and accommodating. Excellence location for out-of-towners. The space had everything we needed!" (more)

Toronto Jazz Collective

Most Recent Review
"SO many great things to say about Josh and his team! They were an absolute please to work with, answering all of my questions very quickly and with great detail. I couldn't be more pleased with The Toronto Jazz Collective. Our guests absolutely LOVED the music at the wedding, we are still hearing feedback about the music weeks after the event. All of our guests had such a great time and it was because they danced all night to some really really great music! Thank you so much for everything, you guys were the best!" (more)

The University Club of Toronto

Most Recent Review
"Great rooms for events, if you can get into one. Interesting wine cellar too." (more)

Pantages Hotel Toronto Centre

Most Recent Review
"Lovely facilities! My room is the size of my apartment, with nearly a full kitchen. The style is cool, contemporary. It has little perks such as robe & slippers. A decent size gym thst opens early enough. Good security (you need to swipe your card on the elevator to get to your floor). Strong wifi. Staff is helpful. It's expensive!!! " (more)

The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto

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"Was fun!" (more)

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Most Recent Review
"We stayed at the Four Seasons Toronto a few times. Each visit we had a great time. Always enjoyed the luxurious and pampering spa. Cafe Boloud is also great. Superior rooms + superior services = happy customers" (more)

iFLY Toronto Indoor Skydiving

Most Recent Review
"My only regret was not buying more flight time!!When you first arrive there I was greeted by the staff at the front desk. They bring up you reservation and have fill out a waiver form on a touch screen, which is printed out and then signed.After you have completely the check-in they let us know that our instructor for that day would be Julian and we were group 10. We were then told we were allowed to go upstairs and watch the other groups that were in the wind tunnel as we waited for our instructor. This made the wait go by a lot faster and was very entertaining.After a short while our instructor came out and got the members for group 10, 6 of us total. We proceeded to a small classroom watched a introduction video and then our Instructor Julian went over the basics on what signals, what to expect, how to position our body (with a little practice in there), how to control our flights and body better, and of course safety.After we had of classroom training we went to get geared up for the flight, no chains, necklaces, jewel or things that could fall are allowed in your pockets. They provide lockers free of charge right there that you can use and are safe.After we were geared up and it was our turn we had a quick safety review and enter the wind tunnel area where you sit as one person flys at a time with the instructor aiding them and giving them tips while they fly. At the end of each flight the Instructor Julian would gives us tips of how to improve for our next flight.The first flights are 1 minute long and allow for you to start getting used to the experience, after you are done each flight you go back into the clear waiting portion where you can view a video of your flight and see how you did and what you can improve. Once you have a few flights under your belt and are more used to it they flights are 2 minutes long for packages of 4 or more flights.All in all the experience was amazing, the staff were very polite, the instructor Julian was very nice, knowledgeable and helped us a lot in improving or flights. My only regret was not buying more flight time!!" (more)

Main Event Music

Most Recent Review
"Absolutely fantastic band. Our guests were dancing up a storm and commented all night about how good the band was. We can't wait to see them again at our sister's wedding! Great night and great tunes!" (more)