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Superior Events Group Inc. is the best one stop shop for fun event rentals and entertainment services in the greater Toronto area. Superior Events Group has been a part of some of the biggest events in Toronto for the past 20 years. We are a turn key service that can help you plan your event from start to finish. We have a competitive team of event experts and staff capable of delivering an event anywhere in Ontario.

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Superior Events Group

Jenna Checkley

February 2019

Kidfest was the most disgusting event I have EVER gone to. As soon as you walked into the building there was this smog of poor quality air. Right by the entrance a kid projectile vomited only to have there mother take them directly in afterwards leaveing the vomit sitting there. Inside the rides were dirty, smelt bad , and were WAY over crowded, and often completely unsupervised. This created a scenario were you had 10 year old kids tramping over 3-4 year olds... This place was very unsafe for kids and was a breading ground for disease and infection. Our whole family got sick. Take your kids anywhere else!

Superior Events Group


February 2019

V nice and professional people with great attitude

Superior Events Group

Das Nathan

July 2018

I was at the Richmond Hill Ribfest Yesterday, bought 2 all day passes for my kids, just before the thunderstorm. They didn't event get to go on a single ride, the rain stared and the rides was closed. I asked the staff if there is something they could do, they could have just said simply sorry. They made it look like its my fault, and told me that i should have checked the weather before I bought the passes. Next time try to show some level of customer service.

Superior Events Group

Trevor L

February 2018

Its been a pleasure working along side of them, year after year they have put on some great events. 5 stars all the way. Each year my team looks forward to their upcoming events to see what new games and what new rides they have. If you like the Midway, Jumping castles, rides and games for your party these guys are perfect!!!!!!!

Superior Events Group

Aaron Stewart

October 2015

Superior Events Group helped us out with our annual company picnic this year and we couldn't have asked for a better event. Everything went flawlessly and the crew went above and beyond what was expected of them. They actually seemed like they were enjoying being apart of our event and we loved that we were able to get along with everyone so well. We will DEFINITELY be using them in the future and we can't wait to have them produce our holiday party.I would recommend them to anyone.

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