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The Royal Ontario Museum

CA Elias

November 2019

Lovely museum. We only Just Missed the free tour. It moved so quickly, however, my dad couldn't have kept up. There were wonderful exhibits.It was a bit of a maze due to the design of the building. My travel companion uses a walker.There are exhibits we couldn't locate due to having to take stairs to get to another room.There are plenty of elevators to attain access to the rooms, but we couldn't figure it out. If we go again, we'll have a plan for which elevators to use to get to the other locations.

The Royal Ontario Museum

Katrina Carnoky

November 2019

For starters, it's a gorgeous building, a wonderful blend of old and new. And it's so clean! Tons of exhibits. You can go through it in a whirlwind in one day to get great pictures or you can spend several days and learn a whole bunch. Impressive variety and knowledgeable staff that are so willing to share!

The Royal Ontario Museum

Bonnie Hui

November 2019

Plan on spending the whole day if you want to visit all floors in some detail, I had about an hour and a half and only just managed one floor. The museum has a great variety of natural and human history. I was mainly on the first and third floors, looking at Asian exhibits briefly, and then spending much of the time looking at the extensive European, Asian, Middle East, Egypt, Greece and Rome exhibits and collections, walking through some interesting surrounding displays.

The Royal Ontario Museum

Erasmus Palliser

November 2019

This place is really incredible. Well worth your time and the money. They have a little of everything and the staff is very helpful. Great place to take kids. There is no doubt that you will find something that interests you. You must check out the rocks and minerals, one of the best collections I have seen. We also really enjoyed the dinosaurs. If you need a place to eat they have food in the basement, which is not bad (bit expensive but not too bad for Toronto). This is a must see if you have kids.

The Royal Ontario Museum


October 2019

Gorgeous very impressive largest museum in Canada. Alluring very unique architecture and one of a kind exterior design. Looks like crown jewel of museums, Bloor street looks even more luxurious and beautiful. It hosts many exhibits and fantastic exhibitions from all over the world. You cant see all of them in one visit but still you can see a lot of fabulous sculptures, exhibits, arts and much more. Doesnt matter how many times l come its always very interesting and fun. Fantastic area for kids on the second floor. Nice souvenir shop and selection of food. No picture or reviews do it justice you have to experience for yourself and enjoy spending time there admiring historical artwork and many fantastic exhibits. A lot to learn. Wonderful day to spend through pieces of history. Mesmerizing.

The Royal Ontario Museum

Conundrum Adventures

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We have worked with the Royal Ontario Museum for many years delivering team building events to corporate clients and they are a pleasure to work with.

The venue is a wonderful game board for our puzzle based adventures.


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