This year’s annual WPIC kick-off event was all about “being bold” and boy, was it ever!  The event was loaded to the brim with fabulous event planning ideas guaranteed to inspire: burlesque dancers, a cigar rolling station, a mini bar, a gelato station, shall I go on?

Every year, the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada – the institute behind the industry’s most popular wedding accreditation – host their annual kick-off event inviting both recent grads and alumni to mix, mingle, and keep on top of all the upcoming industry trends – definitely one of the best places for professional planners to hone their craft, learn from one another and make all sorts of new connections among fellow industry members.

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This is what happens when wedding planners are let loose in a photo booth!

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Back in the main foyer, guests mingled and caught up with friends old and new!

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EventSource Live! host Brent Miller, mixes among the crowd, chatting with guests.

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It was then on to dinner from the talented crew at the Chelsea.

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What does it take to “wow” wedding planners who have seen it all? The talented Kitty Litteur (left) and Agatha Frisky of the Toronto School of Burlesque should do it!

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Don’t miss this fantastic highlight reel created by our friends at Images Life Media.