Today’s wedding is a gorgeous celebration of love: for one another, and for family. Against a stunning waterfront backdrop, photographer Stephen Sager beautifully captures Alicky and Paul’s romantic and modern wedding overlooking Lake Ontario. There are so many things to love about this wedding: from the bride’s chic gown to Fab Fête Event Planning Boutique‘s gorgeous details of the reception, to showcasing the couple’s new blended family throughout the evening, it’s sure to leave you feeling inspired.

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Pre-wedding, our couple, meet up for a delightful photo shoot that includes the groom’s “first look” at his soon-to-be bride.

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Next stop for the couple: Spencer's at the Waterfront, which served as the location for both the wedding ceremony and reception. Alicky was walked down the aisle by her two sons. During the ceremony, Alicky and Paul’s children joined their parents in the sand ceremony to symbolize their union as a new family.

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With picturesque views and a sleek colour palette of whites, golds, and pinks, the couple’s cocktail reception was the perfect blend of contemporary enchantment. Guests dined on modern boudoir furniture whilst enjoying floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of the lakefront. Dazzling mirrors, stylish pillows and elegant tea lights rounded out the look. Personal touches including framed photos of the couple, along with Alicky and Paul sharing a special dance with their children, made the special day all the more loving.

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