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From traditional to cutting edge, Toronto's galleries and museums make a unique backdrop for private and corporate events. Browse profiles of Toronto's top gallery and museum venues and find your perfect venue. With virtual tours, photo galleries and details, EventSource is your one stop shop for gallery and museum venues.

Columbus Event Centre

Most Recent Review
"What an incredible gem nestled in the city. Salo Caboto is everything we could have ever asked for in a venue for our wedding. The staff were amazing. So accommodating and friendly. The food was top notch...absolutely delicious! Agostino and Poalo and all of their staff were so easy to work with and everything was seamless. What a wonderful, magical, special place. Thank you so so much for giving us an evening to remember." (more)

Hockey Hall of Fame

Most Recent Review
"Finding the entrance was a bit complicated but once inside, it felt like walking into a temple. It was glorious. The interactive games were pretty cool and I especially liked the fact that they allow you to touch and take pictures with the cup." (more)

Art Gallery of Ontario

Most Recent Review
"We like to go when we are finished in the museum. Not a cheep food option but you get what you pay for. The cocktail menu usually has a fun selection to choose from." (more)

Twist Gallery

Most Recent Review
"Absolutely gorgeous! Really worth a look if you happen to be in the neighbourhood." (more)

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Most Recent Review
"We just had our wedding there on July 16, 2016. The guests were so impressed with the venue and so were we! From the hill top area set up so nicely to the use of the bridal suite and the main hall it was amazing. The guests also liked having the cocktails out front of the venue. The team at the McMichael were both amazing. Michael was our initial contact and he was very upfront with all aspects of renting from them. He met us on multiple occasions and gave us a tour and multiple options for spaces. He was quick to return emails and very professional. We decided to book with them the fall before and they still had a few summer dates which was great. Danielle took over on the planning side and she was amazing. She was always available to go over details and had so many great suggestions. She even came with us to the tasting meetings with the caterer in house and ensured it was a smooth transition and that she was aware of the schedule for the caterers. She showed us around the grounds, suggested great spots for pictures and gave us lots of great tips! She made the experience so much less stressful and made it way more enjoyable. " (more)

Varley Art Gallery

Most Recent Review
"You need to know that if you are parking here, because the rest of the town's parking lots are more bunged up than a new born full of cheese, that the magic hour that the mystical parking poetry police show up is 9:00pm. Apparently the town bell tolls for 9 and they emerge from the localized peat bogs in search of vehicles that do not obey the imaginary laws and illusionary signs crafted by the swamp magic.I'm sure the art is nice here too but others should not succumb to the MPPP and the $40 parking troll toll." (more)

The Royal Ontario Museum

Most Recent Review
"I was there 2016. 09. 29 Thursday. I listened to 2 guides; one Asian collection and one the Third gender. The third gender guide was really insightful and very educational. But the oriental art interpretation was a disaster. The elderly docent who guided the Asian culture in general was inappropriate. I appreciated her contribution to society but in terms of accuracy and respect of the ancient Chinese culture, not so much. She did tell me "I like my story better." when I exchanged some of the knowledge I know. This statement summerized her following interpretation toward many artifacts. She pointed at a Tong dynasty color-glazed camel and said this dynasty craftsmen had more imagination because one of the emperor is a woman and she was a prostitute......!! That's not even a possible reason at all. And If one wants to describe imperial concubines or queens as prostitutes, she might want to explain more. Or maybe this docent thought the female emperor had slept with different emperors before she got power so the docent preferred to called her prostitute?? Anyway, but it's totally not the reason why the Tong dynasty aesthetics changed. I told with her after interpretation. She said she knows that but her way of saying is more interesting for audience. I don't know what fun is to deliberately misinterpret an ancient culture like that. It contains a dismissed attitude that no museum should tolerate. She also pointed at the Shang dynasty bronze artifacts saying that's for soldiers to use as weapons in battle fields couple times, which is not possible at that time considering the metal pieces were too valuable. But again, it's more interesting~ Other people in the tour group also corrected her about a hundred-years dated mistake. And she pronounced Chin dynasty to Chen dynasty and others are usually unrecognizable. The mistakes are too many. I know it's a challenge to interpret others' culture or voice. But it's easy to get information nowadays. One shouldn't fabricate a story with a bizarre and dismissed attitude. Yes, I am from Asian and I want the ancient Asian stories to be told with basic accuracy in your museum. I worked for a national museum in my country and usually had fun listening to interpretations from museums in various countries. This experience was a warning to me too." (more)

Super Wonder Gallery

Most Recent Review
"A posh extravaganza, reminiscent of the New York wild 80s art scene with frequent high profile guests. Every show has a theme" (more)