As we were perusing the photos from this style shoot (courtesy of Rhythm Photography), we felt like we were transported to a blissful romantic garden where dreams come to fruition. This shoot has a clear style and purpose and what better way to share it with our readers then with the description directly from the creator, Phoebe, of Phoebe Lo Events:

“Escaping the bustling city of Toronto to the northern regions of the metropolis, one ventures through scenic landscapes that are the inspiration behind many of the prominent paintings that we now enjoy. Brushed behind the rolling pastures and concealed by cast iron gates lies a secret little garden known as Pathways to Perennials. The luscious estate was carefully crafted by a pair of gardeners that dedicated the landscapes to their newborn child.”

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“The bride dons a floor length Alfred Sung gown crafted with French lace and crystal beading. The sweetheart table setting showcases an arrangement of century old Queen Anne porcelain dinnerware paired with Cellini Romanesque golden cutlery. A garden terrarium plays the role of a confetti station, which is composed of found colour pencil studs contained in antique medicine bottles. Garden roses, peonies, berries and greens embrace the floral centrepiece. Perched against its floral counterpart is the hand painted watering can that deposits varying paintbrushes at the disposal of the couple for spontaneous renderings upon the canvas table linens. The painters lounge allowed for a creatively exquisite couples retreat graced by hand dyed pillows, sweet aperitifs, and a vibrant palette of petite hors d’oeuvres.”

006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 016 021 023 024 025 026 027“Billowing away under the uncanny cluster of wooden poles, the sweets table is blooming with decadent desserts filled with luxurious nodes of floral and pastels. Although the gardeners’ daughter has embarked on a new journey of her own, the pathways and perennials remain a symbol of the love stories that once took place at these very gardens.”

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