EventSource was thrilled to be a part of the International Special Event Society’s dinner with King Dahl – a true industry legend and honourary ISES member.  Best known as the mastermind behind the astonishing spectacles held at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, Dahl treated Toronto ISES members to an ultra-inspiring evening filled with delicious food and exceptional networking opportunities.

The event was held at the Grand Luxe Event Boutique – a gorgeous mid-town facility.  There was a very solid mix of industry veterans and gurus as well a very impressive group of event management students from Durham and Seneca Colleges.

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ISES Toronto’s President, Aaron Kaufman, kicked off the night with an energetic talk about why it is important to remain active in the event planning community: exceptional networking opportunities, keeping on top of the hottest trends and getting the most out of our incredible profession!


Past President Julie Danaylov also shared exciting news about the ISES annual gala which will be taking place in May at our good friend’s The Bram & Bluma Appel Salon – can’t wait!


We were honoured to also have the chance to share a few words with the group and remind a room full of some of the most talented vendors in the city that EventSource is actively showcasing the industry’s most exceptional events right here on this blog!


After enjoying a deliciously catered dinner courtesy of the venue’s in-house chefs (yum!), it was time to get on to the main event! King Dahl shared his incredible journey from humble beginnings in 1982 to present-day success.  Dahl expertly distilled his learnings and explained them in such a way that had just about everyone nodding in agreement throughout the presentation.

Dahl also shared two truly awe-inspiring videos of his team’s work at MGM Resorts.  We watched as they prepared for the biggest event of the year in Las Vegas: New Years Eve. It’s hard to impress a room full of special event industry professionals, but I can assure you, the King did not disappoint!  The room marveled at the sheer size and scale of these events, not to mention the classic Las Vegas over-the-top nature of these celebrations.

This was truly an event not to be missed!


A special thanks to George Matthew Photography.