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Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Deborah Murphy

May 2019

I visited this location because they had an aesthetics show that weekend.Food was expensive but we actually found a lot of satisfaction in visiting a crepes kiosk. It was a great addition and a lifesaving moment for choice of satisfying dining. The the event was laid out extremely well. I could find the individual presentations easily. There was so much to see and lots of interesting interactive demonstrations. I felt the event was well worth every penny spent to attend.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Luana Nicole

May 2019

Very easy to navigate. It is very bright and conferences rooms below are easy to find.Bathrooms near the second cup are clean, but not the bathrooms on the upper level. They smell and are not inviting for many obvious reasons.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Elizabeth Vecchio

April 2019

Huge convention Center in downtown Toronto. Note that they have two buildings, a North building and a south building. The place is massive and some what challenging to navigate if it's your first time. So make sure if you are arriving for a convention, you give yourself enough time to figure out where you are going. You can access the mtcc right from a walking platform coming off of Union station. No need to go outside, especially great in the winter time!

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Angel Goris

March 2019

Attended the Green Living Show 2019. MTC is fairly easy to get to from St. Andrew station. Very clean. Seating areas throughout. 2 escalators in each direction (up and down). Mostly business buildings here so options nearby like food and shopping are limited.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Kevin Lokaisingh

February 2019

Most cases, I attend the Canadian International Auto Show here. It's always an entertaining time. Most manufacturers will showcase their next year models, so in this case, the 2019 models, with a few manufacturers showcasing their 2020 models. Not as many concepts as years gone by. It's always nice to see the future of where design and engineering is going.The Metro Toronto Convention Centre has always hosted the CIAS as long as I've been going, from the early 2000's.

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