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Rose Reisman Catering

Melanie Bacchin

April 2019

I posted a review that was unsatisfactory due to an outstanding issue I had with them, however today they have rectified the issue and I have removed the review. I appreciate the follow up to this problem. Thank you. PS: The food was excellent and no issues surrounding the quality and service by the food staff.

Rose Reisman Catering

Gail Mahon

March 2019

I'm currently working as a driver for the school lunch program. I have been with them almost 2 yrs. I take pride in delivering nutritious lunches to many different schools. My boss Jenn is accommodating with my schedule and listens to my ideas . The staff are friendly and willing to help at any time. Would recommend the food, very tasty. Great job for a retired person like myself.

Rose Reisman Catering

Damian Francois

August 2018

I am actually working on the roof there. The food smells great, the staff seem very professional and friendly. Definitely a well established and professional organization as I have worked in a kitchen before and this one has a high standard of quality

Rose Reisman Catering

robert s bastianon

December 2017

Proof is with the child, my guy is very happy with his school hot lunches, and in fact is very disappointed over times when we have chosen to switch over to home brought. I am surprised by the very negative reviews. The price point is exceptional, all should understand that some things travel better than others & it has taken time to dial in what he really likes. There is a VERY comprehensive menu & two portion sizes are offered.For those environmentally sensitive Rose has made great strides with our school on waste and recycling. Ordering was a bit confusing at the start, however we figured it out Customer service is 6 star, any time there is a problem or request they are right back on email. Negative raters should be a little more proactive.

Rose Reisman Catering

Jon Lee

September 2017

My work caters from Rose Reisman for lunch meetings, so I've eaten a lot of Rose Reisman corporate catering over the 4 years I've worked at my company.The food is always of consistent quality, packaged well and I've never seen any issues with cleanliness/hygiene. With that said, the food is fairly bland, and nothing I've eaten has really stood out. A catered sandwich from Druxy's, is much tastier, so I imagine the pricing provided by Rose Reisman must be fairly attractive (at least for my company) as we do have a Druxy's in the building.

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