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Tania Di Paola

April 2019

We had 2 chocolates boxed with a printed thank you tag at each persons place. Absolutely beautiful but also delicious. Every person I asked said they ate the chocolates before the dinner! No one could resist and these beauties did not disappoint. They tasted so good but they also looked so unique , elegant and delicate, which was what I was looking for. Staff is super accommodating and kind. Im so grateful that @jspandco suggested these chocolates.

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March 2019

Succulent chocolates is amazing! The owner and chef Sandra is an absolutely pleasure, her staff are super nice and have been nice to deal with, and the products are completely one of a kind, beautiful AND delicious. If your looking for unique wedding favours, shower/bachelorette ideas, custom chocolate bars, thank you gifts etc - this is the place to go! They include the packaging & ribbon for the favours, and will even add tags (if you have them) for you so that you don't waste your time doing that! Couldn't recommend enough!

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Daniela Maria

February 2019

The Richmond-Adelaide Centre management team presented a special gift for our Customers at EY Tower in 2017. We decided to team up with Succulent Chocolates to create a chocolate sculpture replicating the building. The chocolate sculpture is hand crafted with 40lbs of pure Belgian 54% Dark Chocolate. It is painted with edible cocoa butter colour. It took over a week for the Succulent Chocolate team to build all five buildings. This past year in 2018, we wanted to keep the theme consistent by using Succulent Chocolates but wanted to create something different and exciting for our customers. Succulent Chocolates created a tree trio of hand-crafted espresso flavoured truffles. Each trio came with a serving plate of truffles that were shared amongst each organization. Amazing service, fantastic chocolates, would use again and again for our customers!

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Alessandra M

January 2019

Sandra and the staff at Succulent Chocolates were wonderful with their customer service and delivery. We ordered several chocolate trays as client gifts for the holiday season, and they were definitely a huge hit among our receivers. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to give a unique and sweet offering for any occasion!

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