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The Perfect Table

Kristopher Kubesch

June 2019


The Perfect Table

Wong Keith

March 2019

This is not a good place for quality mirror & glass.

The Perfect Table

Sharday Barber

October 2017

i wouldn't recommend this place they shouldn't even get one star they are extremely rude not sure how they are still in business . i called with my measurements for the sliding door and got told how much it would cost 350 and that i needed to give a deposit and it would take 2 to 3 weeks and i would have to pick it up i didn't live in the delivery zone i said no worry all was good i would come so i came the next day i believe he is an owner to the place named albert well i told him it was an sliding mirror door i called yesterday he said i talked to him i don"t believe so but whatever i asked to use their phone to verify the size of the door got the measurements and told him the size of the door he did not at anytime tell me i needed the size of the whole closet frames there or on the phone this is my first time buying a door how would i know anyways it came up to 423 and i didn't know i had to pay the whole amount but i did he asked went i would need it i told him the gentleman i spoke with said 2 to 3 week he says no it would be done Friday to pick it up Saturday i said great Friday he called it was ready so i went to get it Saturday but i had car problems and couldn't get it til Monday and called them he told me not to worry blah blah well i came today and was ready to get it he said go to the back so i did this guy comes out with i believe a 12 in by 93 i said that not it the worker said i told him it wasnt you need to talk the guy after that. albert was so rude telling me it my fault i have to give the frame measurement just right rude so i go to the store part and he was even more rude i have a son 2 years old with me this guy being hostile with me then saying what the side of the frame i said i don't know he says will i cant help you ok i want a refund then i didn't get the right door you have my money i dont want to deal with you guys he tells me we don't give refunds i tell him he needs to tell his customer before hand what they need to do and he didn't like hearing that then tell the woman to give me my refund that he doesn't want to do business with me what a joke anyways she says she cant do it blah blah blah then this old man comes out and telling me im wrong and so on didn't want to hear my side they all acted like fools i had to wait ten minutes to get a refund because she didn't know what she was doing then the old guy say you well have wait tell tomorrow i said noim not coming back then says i have to take a check i told him no i don't except checks i payed in debit i want it in debit then the woman says it working so i got my money they are bullies and needs a course in customer service and anger management i will never go there again and hope you wouldn't too

The Perfect Table

Daniel Perreira

March 2017

I needed 4 mirrors for a reno I was doing and I had sent out emails to several glass and mirror companies asking for a quote. Some were well over priced and others lack the proper business communication to see my project through, but then I met Robert Spektor at Perfect Glass & Mirror. Not only were they fairly priced but they delivered my mirrors on time and without any problems. If you need Glass or Mirror Robert is definitely the guy to talk to you and Perfect Mirror & Glass is the company to facilitate your needs.

The Perfect Table


June 2016

Very helpful and friendly staff at front counter and in the shop too. They have best price in Scarborough. Excellent !!

The Perfect Table


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I have worked with Lindsay and Kirtsten for the last year and they are phenomenal. Not only do they have amazing rentals on hand, but they are genuine to work with. Their style is what sets them a part from other rental companies in the city!

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