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Amsterdam Brewery

Richard C

February 2016

Love their 416 beer, as well as the can's artwork (map of the 416). They offer free tours and tasting too, with friendly, non-pretentious staff.

Amsterdam Brewery


August 2015

Boneshaker IPA is absolutely delicious.Having lived in The UK during the eighties I got to appreciate real beer .After returning to Canada I got real tired of the bland three. I am so grateful that craft beer like the ones brewed by the Amsterdam brewery have come to find a special place of thier own in the masses of of over priced, over marketed, mass produced swill, that's advertised as beer.Cheers!

Amsterdam Brewery

Michael Barry

June 2015

I must admit expectations were high before our experience at Amsterdam brew house. We went for a birthday experience and what we got was a front seat ticket to weasel express. We were seated directly in front of a blaring speaker and almost immediately our server began shhh'ing us. 10:30 on a Saturday night we were being shhhhhh'd! Apparently this is the acceptable way to deal with a group of adults at the Amsterdam brew house. Someone should tell Paige it's a brew house and not a daycare. When confronted about Paige's attitude, the managers left her out to dry saying they have no problem with our volume. Needless to say, complete incompetence and lack of confidence in theManagement at Amsterdam brew house. We will not be returning.

Amsterdam Brewery

Geordie McRae

May 2015

Try the 416.. Can't go wrong. Perfect for a hot day. A blonde never hurt either. Cheers

Amsterdam Brewery

Robertson Day

May 2015

their Framboise beer is AMAZING that alone gets a 10/5 rating but one of their stouts was far too bitter for my tastes, but if the rest of their beer is as good as the Framboise i highly recommend it.

Amsterdam Brewery

Jonathan Preskow Catering

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The experience that JP Catering's had with Amsterdam Brewery on every occasion has always been fantastic. Each of their three locations brings any event to life, no matter how big or small. Amsterdam Brewery is an accommodating partner that we value here at JP Catering. If you are looking to work with a venue that is professional with a flair, I recommend The Amsterdam Brewery.

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