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July 2019

Great service and no hassle when returning products!

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Damon Conrad

April 2019

After paying for delivery this company lied to my photographer and told him to come pick up the balloons. Then they delivered them too early for a timed proposal. Delivering them at the wrong time left the balloons outside and the cold air shrunk them beyond use. Will never use this company again for any of our events.

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Inez Hargaden

March 2019

The shop itself is small and cramped but I got exactly the balloons I needed and very reasonably priced. I couldn't order ahead so I just went down and picked them up and they had what I needed.

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Sakib Yasar

November 2018

At first I could not find it. May be they were working with changing the signs or something. I hope they have put a more visible sign and the name of the store now. The owners seem very nice and was very patient. So service was great. Thank you!

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