Did COVID-19 postpone your honeymoon plans? Maybe you and your partner would prefer to put a down payment on a home rather than a splashy honeymoon. Or maybe you just can’t take the time away right now. No matter why you’re deciding to keep things small for your mini-honeymoon, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the fun. You and your partner definitely deserve a nice break even if you have to keep it local. To help you out, we’ve compiled ten mini-honeymoon ideas for a romantic honeymoon staycation that might not involve travelling but do involve a whole lot of romance.

1. Find a cute local Air B&B or hotel

Nothing says staycation like booking a stay at a cute and romantic local Air B&B or hotel. The accommodations don’t have to be super swanky or expensive — just a quiet place where you two can recharge and have fun while also enjoying some amenities, like a spa or swimming pool.

10 Mini-Honeymoon Ideas that Don't Involve Travelling

2. Go on a local road trip

Road trips are always a good time. Hit the road with your partner for a weekend as you explore nearby towns, staying at local motels or Air B&Bs. You might even want to attach a theme to your road trip. For example, if you’re both foodies, you might want to visit every diner within a 100-mile radius of your hometown.

10 Mini-Honeymoon Ideas that Don't Involve Travelling

3. Turn your home into a hotel

Don’t want to leave your abode? No problem. Here’s a honeymoon idea you’ll love! You can transform your home into a hotel experience. Indulge in robes and slippers, while turning off your phones for the weekend. Plan romantic and relaxing activities, like enjoying a sensual hot bath, playing board games, and watching your favourite movies on repeat. Ditch the cooking and order takeout and pretend it’s room service.

10 Mini-Honeymoon Ideas that Don't Involve Travelling

4. Visit new spots in your city

Is there a museum or art gallery in your city that you’ve never visited but always wanted to? Maybe a new restaurant that’s the talk of the town? Now is your chance to check out your city as if you were tourists and share an amazing time while doing so.

10 Mini-Honeymoon Ideas that Don't Involve Travelling

5. Hit a day spa

Another honeymoon idea involves treating yourself by indulging in the ultimate relaxing experience at a nearby day spa. Enjoy a couples’ massage together and enjoy any of the other services they might offer, like a mud bath or mani-pedi. If you don’t want to leave your space, you could always book a mobile massage therapist who can treat you both in the comfort of your own home.

10 mini honeymoon ideas that dont involve travelling, 4

6. Host a theme night

Has your partner always wanted to travel to Italy? Then arrange an Italian-themed night complete with an Italian dinner, dessert, and movie that will make them think they’re living la dole vita in Rome. Maybe the next night your partner will treat you to the fabulous Parisian vacation you always wanted complete with French wine and cheese and romantic French music. Get creative!

10 mini honeymoon ideas that dont involve travelling, 5

7. Explore nature (or your own backyard)

Get outdoors and get back to nature. Explore a local camping site together and rent a camper van the for the weekend. If you don’t feel like venturing far, you can set up a tent in your own backyard, roast some Smores, and watch the stars together.

10 mini honeymoon ideas that dont involve travelling, 6

8. Learn something new together

Whether you’re both keen to improve your cooking skills or you’re both longing to learn a new language or maybe you both want to explore your own inner Picasso and want to paint. Take advantage of this time together. Delightfully challenge each other as you pick up a new skill and have fun doing it.

10 mini honeymoon ideas that dont involve travelling, 7

9. Remodel your home

This might not be super romantic to some couples, but some DIY couples might really dig using this time to remodel the kitchen or tackle the bathroom reno. You can see it both as bonding time and using your time efficiently to finish something you’ve been meaning to get to.

10 mini honeymoon ideas that dont involve travelling, 8

10. Splurge on each other

Since you’re not splurging on a major honeymoon, you can splurge on each other with gifts and other experiences that you know your partner will love. Maybe it’s arranging for a new set of golf clubs for your partner and setting up an afternoon for both of you to hit the links. Thoughtful gifts go a long way.

10 mini honeymoon ideas that dont involve travelling, 9