In the months leading up to your wedding, you will be doing a lot – everything from DIY projects to beauty regimens, you will be busy. It’s also very easy to get carried away in your quest to have the most perfect day imaginable. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up 10 things that you’ll want to steer away from as the big day approaches!

Do a facial

We love a good facial, but they can be intense and can cause redness, plus swelling on your face. Definitely not something you want to risk the day of your wedding. Make sure to do all your intense beauty treatments at least a week before your big day! 

10 Things NOT to do on Your Wedding Day

Wax your brows (or anything else)

If you think facials on your wedding day are a bad idea – waxing your brows (or anything else) might be worse. Waxing and hair removal often causes redness and swelling, or worse, allergic reactions. Make sure to get these things out of the way well in advance of your wedding.


Now is not the time to start or finish any big DIY projects. It will cause unnecessary stress and take up time that you could be spending drinking mimosas!

Stress about weather

You can’t change the weather. That’s an unfortunate, but unchanging fact. Your best bet is to have a plan for any potential weather patterns that may come your way, and then roll with it.

Exercise too hard

If you are someone who exercises daily, then by all means enjoy a low-impact workout the morning of your wedding. We’re thinking yoga or a nice walk. If exercise isn’t part of your normal routine, it’s likely not a good idea to schedule a hard, heart-pounding workout on your wedding day (or even a few days before). The last thing you want is to feel too sore to light up the dance floor with your guests.

10 Things NOT to do on Your Wedding Day

Write your vows

You will already be stressed out the morning of your wedding – so now is not the time to be writing your vows. Try and have your vows written at least a week in advance of your wedding so you don’t need to stress about it!

Get a massage

While massages can seem relaxing– they are actually really intense for your body and can make you really tired and sore. This is not something that you want to deal with on your wedding day – the last thing you want is to be limping down the aisle and falling asleep during dinner.

Wear new shoes

If your feet are happy, you’re happy – so make sure you keep your feet happy on your wedding day. If you’re planning to wear new shoes for your wedding, start breaking them in as soon as you get them by walking around your house.

Starve yourself

This is a big one! You. Need. To. Eat. On. Your. Wedding. Day! Don’t wait until dinner to have your first bite of food – the last thing you want is to be hangry on your big day! Have a nice, balanced breakfast, and be sure to stay hydrated and fed throughout the day.

Try to control everything

The reason is simple – you can’t control everything, so don’t stress! Enjoy the day and make as many memories as you can!