Well meaning friends and family will always tell couples ‘it’s your day, do what you want!’ right before they deliver some unsolicited advice. While yes, it’s your wedding – making sure your guests have a good time should also be a priority. After all, no one wants to stay at a party where no one is having fun. With that in mind, here are some details your guests actually care about.

The Food

Being invited to a wedding usually leads people to believe they will be fed. Keep in mind that there likely won’t be time for your guests to grab a bite before cocktail hour begins so having your hors d’oeuvres start ASAP is a good idea. Making sure that you take dietary concerns into consideration is also extremely important as it would suck to have a guest go hungry, or worse, get sick.

The Bar

You need one. Even if you and your fiancé aren’t big drinkers, it is important to have libations available for your guests. Remember, this could be the highlight of their season and so making sure they enjoy themselves should be a priority. Keep in mind, if you want to have a cash bar to let your guests know ahead of time so they are prepared for the expense and bring cash.

Wedding Details

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The Entertainment

Wedding guests will rarely remember your florals, but they will remember if they had a great time. Having an amazing band or DJ that keeps the party going will not go unnoticed.

The Timing

Guests want to know what is happening and at what time so they can appropriately plan their day. For instance, is there a considerable gap between the ceremony and reception? Should they plan to have a snack before heading to cocktail hour? Will they be driving through rush hour? Knowing these details will make for an enjoyable day.

The Location

It’s important for guests to know the location of the wedding so that they can plan appropriate accommodation and transportation. Do they need to rent a car? Will they need one of your hotel block rooms?

The Seating

In recent years, open seating has gained popularity at the ceremony and reception. While not having assigned sides for the ceremony isn’t a big deal, not having a plan for the reception has become a chief complaint among guests. When families don’t get to sit with each other or couples end up sitting on opposite sides of the room – it can ruin their experience.

Wedding Details

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The Dress Code

Letting guests know what to wear helps them better prepare for the day. Should they wear wedges v. heels? Should they bring a jacket or shawl? Is it black tie or theme?

The Registry

While you may be dreading setting up a registry, it is helpful for your guests to know what you actually want whether it’s physical gifts or a monetary contribution. They want you to be happy, and they want to know that their gift is appreciated and won’t be sitting in the back of a closet somewhere.

The Parking Situation

Something that a lot of people are obsessed with is the parking situation. It allows them to plan accordingly. Is there parking available, or will they have to walk? Do they need to pay for parking? Are there any ‘no parking’ zones?

The Couple

The most important detail that your guests care about is YOU! Not only do they want to see you happy, but they want to know that you are happy they came. Make sure you are able to personally greet each and every guest!