Nothing tickles our fancy more than a wedding filled with stunning, lush and unique floral decor. Floral design adds that natural, organic vibe that’s just so synonymous with weddings. The industry has definitely come a long way from the days of round, symmetrical bouquets and simple floral arrangements, and we are so thankful!

As seasons change and wedding trends evolve, floral trends evolve with them. So what’s in store for this coming wedding season, you ask? We reached out to some of Toronto’s top wedding florists for the answer! So, here it is – your floral forecast for the 2019 wedding season!

Greenery, Garland and Vines

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Greenery focused centerpieces have been a favourite for a couple of years, with thick garlands running down tables, and an abundance of foliage in many designs. Although, a new trend to simpler greenery on tables is emerging. Vines are being used from plants to create a delicate visual garland winding through vases of flowers, which create a pretty and intimate tablescape. We also love how large vines are being used to add texture and size to ceremony decor arrangements or as a focal on walls to create a visual element directly behind a ceremony.

Photo of Amber Richman
Amber RichmanFlorist
Cool, Green and Shady

The Deconstructed Arch

Wedding Floral TrendsPhoto Courtesy of Jenn Kavanagh Photography

I've received many requests for deconstructed arches for the 2019 wedding season and I couldn't be happier! This is an elegant design for any ceremony space indoors or out, and it's a new spin on a more traditional arch or arbour. The best part about this design is it's flexibility. The two freestanding pieces can easily be moved and re-purposed for the reception - perhaps framing a sweetheart table or an entrance - allowing guests to enjoy the flowers throughout the entire evening.

Photo of Erin Lucuik
Erin LucuikFlorist
Mum's Garden

Large Scale Installations

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We believe a trend that 2019 clients are focusing on is larger scaled installations (think hanging gardens, climbing installations, ceiling installations, or overhead tabletop canopies) to create a bold focal point within the space. More and more of our clients are coming to us with visions to help create suspended florals for their upcoming weddings! These hanging features are captivating and eye catching and therefore create a point of interest for guests to enjoy! There are so many different ways to incorporate this type of design into most weddings.

Photo of Becky De Oliveira
Becky De OliveiraOwner and Creative Director
Blush and Bloom

Dried Grasses

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Besides my inbox being full of new clients requesting grasses and existing clients asking to add grasses, the top designers and Pinterest continue to highlight this trend!

Photo of Tellie Hunt
Tellie HuntFlorist
Hunt & Gather

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Floral Wedding Trends

One of the timeless wedding floral trends going to take center stage in 2019 is Phalaenopsis orchids. Typically only used for high-end/royal events; they are a regal-yet-modern addition to any wedding and will elevate your event to the next level. They look incredible in bridal bouquets, head table structures and of course, centerpieces. We’ve paired them with our Gold Valencia structures for a great way to incorporate that chic and contemporary style to your wedding. This combination is different, unique and modern for the upcoming wedding season.

Photo of Raviv
RavivEvent Architect & Creative Director
R5 Event Design

Bougainvillea Trees

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Wedding Décor is moving away from the conventional and is set to take a dramatic and hot new role in 2019. Dramatic floral installations coupled with colourful tropical trees will, no doubt, transform a common space into a magical and intimate setting. Nothing is more breathtaking than these lush 4 and 6 feet artificial Bougainvillea trees with suspended candles in various shapes lighting up the tablescape with its spectacular colours and soft glow. These stunning Bougainvillea trees come in various 'true-to-life' glowing colours.

Photo of Craig Gruzd
Craig GruzdCreative Director
DT Floral & Decor

Combination of Dried Tropical Foliage and Elegant Blooms

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A trend we are loving in 2019 is the look of unexpected combinations of dried tropical foliage, like palm leaves, mixed with elegant blooms. Au naturel brides are loving the muted earth tones, intense texture, and de-saturated colour palettes including mint, sage, tobacco, mustard, taupe, coquille and cream.

Dried botanicals - such as palm fronds and pampas grass - are dramatic additions to any wedding décor, adding texture and height whether used as table centerpieces, arches, or ceremony backdrops. Once they’re fully dry, palm leaves take on an entirely different personality, becoming more sculptural, frayed, and textured; adding a lovely patina to floral arrangements.

Photo of Rachelle Soucy
Rachelle SoucyOwner and Head Designer
Botany Floral Studio

Focus on the Flower

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We spent a few wedding seasons going all out with the foliage, and that was great but now our mood is leaning much more to focusing on the flower. To do that, we either eliminate foliage altogether or choose to match our foliage very carefully, like the copper beach in this photo. When we're not incorporating green in the arrangement, this allows us to curate beautifully concentrated colour palettes.

Of course, lots of flowers usually translates to a hefty bill. To make this trend more affordable don't shy away from asking your florist to incorporate alongside your roses and peonies some more budget-friendly flowers like carnations and chrysanthemums. They come in the most beautiful colours and can add such a beautiful depth to your floral design.

Photo of Alex Cole
Alex ColeOwner & Creative Director
Patchouli Design

Tropical Greenery

Wedding Floral Trends

Akin to the pineapple trend that has been popping up everywhere from wedding, fashion, to home decor for the past few years, the new upcoming trend is the use of tropical greenery. Tropical greenery brings in lush and bold texture into weddings. It is also a creative way to have an exotic wedding locally - who says only destination weddings can use palm leaves?!

Photo of Zoe Chow
Zoe ChowFlorist
Secrets Floral

Floral Lapel Pins with Edgy, Bold Designs

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Just as the bride’s bouquet makes a statement, so should the groom’s lapel pin. Lapel pins are moving away from the traditional rose or orchid to more edgy and bold designs with the use of succulents, herbs, hops and even silk elements.

Most couples that I am now meeting with are shying away from emulating what they see on social media. As much as it does influence trends, couples are currently looking to make their special day their own. An accurate reflection of their style and taste, even if they are using the color of the year as part of their color scheme.

Photo of Daniela Miceli-Perri
Daniela Miceli-PerriCreative Director
d&d Floral Designs