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I've always had a passion for blogging, social media, losing myself in all sorts of pretty details. This unique combination has landed me the title of Blog Editor and Social Media Manager here at EventSource - I couldn't be happier! When I'm not busy scouring all corners of the internet for gorgeous wedding inspiration, or blogging about the latest Toronto event trends, you'll find me curled up at home binge-watching Modern Family, re-runs of Friends and the Office.

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Toronto Wedding Photographers Share Their Most Heart-Felt Moments Captured

When it comes to wedding photography, every couple has their must-have shots: there are the ceremony shots, bridal party shots, family portraits, shots of just the couple, ring shots and so forth. While it’s certainly important to cross these “staples” off your checklist, truly exceptional wedding photographers know how to float into the background, allowing them to […]


Toronto’s Top Florists Share Stunning Floral Design Inspiration!

Floral design has certainly come a long way from the days of round, symmetrical bouquets and simple floral arrangements. If you’ve attended a wedding recently, you already know that professional wedding florists add an organic aesthetic you just can’t achieve from non-floral decor alone. We really wanted to help get your botanical juices flowing so we reached out […]


Top Toronto Wedding Planners Share Their Favourite Weddings from 2016

You may already know this (or perhaps you are in the process of learning this), but planning a successful, memorable wedding doesn’t happen by chance! It’s no secret that hiring an experienced and reputable wedding planner can make all the difference. They have the knowledge, the connections, the talent, and the leadership qualities required to pull together […]

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