The months between November and April often get overlooked as the perfect time to host a wedding or take outdoor engagement photos but there are actually endless reasons why this cold, snowy weather can actually be one of the best times to celebrate your love. We are so fortunate to live in a country with changing seasons, and there’s so much beauty to take advantage of in each one – winter being the most underrated of them all! It is our professional opinion that winter photos can actually turn out to be the most magical! Don’t believe us? See for yourself! We reached out to a handful of Toronto wedding photographers to share some of their favourites from this season with us.

beauty of winter, 1

“Brenda was such a radiant bride. She was glowing with happiness all during her wedding day but when we asked her if she wanted to take some photos out in the snow, her eyes widened with glee. As soon as she stepped outside, she became a whole new bride. Brenda was already so beautiful in her wedding dress but out in the snow, she became this incredible snow goddess just floating and dancing amongst the winter wonderland.”

– Samantha, Samantha Ong Photography

beauty of winter, 2

“Natalia and Will embraced the beauty of the Canadian winter and planned a weekend getaway up north for their favourite people. Everyone spent the weekend at the Sherwood Inn in Muskoka and enjoyed their outdoor ceremony while wrapped up in blankets and sipping hot apple cider. It was absolutely stunning. The unique memories were worth it, it’s not often you get to attend a winter wedding outdoors!”

– Elizabeth, Elizabeth In Love

Beauty of Winter

“Alison and Adam had the absolute picture perfect winter’s day for their wedding at Graydon Hall Manor. With all that love and excitement coursing through your body, who gets cold anyhow?”

– Alix, Alix Gould Photography

Everlasting Moments

Beauty of Winter

“Our bride Daniela actually booked us 2 weeks before her wedding due to the lockdown/covid (micro-wedding). Their wedding was suppose to be a spring wedding and turned into a winter wedding instead. That day was one of the coldest days, and it was snowing a lot! The couple was amazing standing outside in the cold for photos/video!”

– Diana, Everlasting Moments

Diego Moura Photography

Beauty of Winter

“This was the final shot of an extremely cold engagement shoot, and we were racing against the sunset. The couple wanted an epic Canadian winter shot to show family back home, so despite the cold, they were determined to make it happen. With a final surge of energy from everyone, plus a lot of cursing at the hash Canadian winter, the couple hugged each other tight, and with huge smiles on their faces, the stunning red gown swirling around them in the wind and reflecting the last golden rays of sun, and the CN Tower in the background giving their photo that unmistakable Toronto city skyline, we captured an epic memory for them to share. It definitely takes a special couple like them, brave, committed, and very much in love, to rock a winter engagement shoot like this.”

– Liza, Diego Moura Photography

Beauty of Winter

“I love how the light snowfall adds a soft, almost magic element to the sharp, dark lines of this downtown Toronto backdrop! It’s a harmonious, balanced-feeling juxtaposition for this couple’s portrait!”

– Anastasia, Olive Photography

Jessilynn Wong Photography

Beauty of Winter

“On Kate and Mike’s NYE wedding, it snowed and really had the festive winter vibe going for them! These two were such a fun couple. They had their ring bearers dress up as bears! It made everyone at the ceremony laugh watching them walk down the aisle.”

– Jessilynn Wong, Jessilynn Wong Photography