2020 is the start of a new decade, and we are celebrating the new era with some dazzling and eye-catching floral trends. From monochromatic palettes to dyed blooms, take a peak inside the minds of Toronto’s top florists to learn what floral trends are hot for the upcoming wedding season! Trust us, you’re going to want to jot some of these ideas down.

Clusters of Organically Shaped Asymmetrical Hanging Installations

2020 floral trends

Photo Courtesy of Mango Studios

Clusters of organically shaped asymmetrical hanging installations have become an increasingly popular wedding flower trend. Clients are moving towards doing less on the tables and hanging more from the ceilings to create more of an interactive experience for guests.

Photo of Tellie Hunt
Tellie HuntOwner
Hunt and Gather

Floral on the Ground

2020 floral trends

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Ong Photography

Traditionally, couples like to put flowers on their head table. For 2020, we are going to see different placement of the flowers, such as framing the head table with flowers on the ground. This flower-on-ground look resembles a stroll in the garden, and is especially luxurious when there is an abundant amount of flowers.

Photo of Zoe Chow
Zoe ChowOwner and Lead Designer
Secrets Floral

Monochromatic Floral Palette

2020 floral trends

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Clarke Photography

A fresh floral trend we love for 2020 is the monochromatic floral palette that incorporates neutral tones, bleached greenery and various textures like pampas grass and feathery blooms. The monochromatic look gives a bohemian and ethereal feel to the florals. Pops of colour can then be incorporated through the table and ceremony decor which will really stand out against the monochromatic palette.

Photo of Pegah Kavianpour
Pegah KavianpourEvent Planner and Stylist
Petals and Pearls

Tons of Dried Florals

2020 floral trends

Photo Courtesy of Reverie Studios

We’ve been seeing lots of requests for grasses including the sought after pampas grass and dried botanical elements. These ingredients add tons of texture, depth and dimension to designs and can be very visually interesting. When people think of wedding flowers, I think people imagine lots of fluffy flowers like peonies, garden roses and ranunculus (which don’t get me wrong, are definitely still a top contender and favoured ingredient for most florists). I love lots of texture which I bring forth in my designs by incorporating different types of locally grown foliage, grasses and dried botanical elements whenever possible amongst the classic beauty of fresh florals. The dried flower movement is back in full swing. Just like fashion, floral trends come and they go and this trend from the 80’s is definitely here for 2020.

Photo of Deanna Balmer
Deanna BalmerHead Designer/Wedding Coordinator
Coriander Girl

Our friends at Pink Twig second this trend…

Combining Fresh Florals and Dried Florals

2020 floral trends you need to know about, 11

Mixing both fresh and dried elements in an arrangement or installation allows for the best of both worlds. There’s the unparalleled experience of having fresh flowers at your wedding, then including another dimension of texture with dried or wooden floral not only showcases a unique aesthetic but also becomes a keep-sake from your special day. Dried and/or preserved floral and greenery has become something we get excited about. Experimenting with the combination has added another layer of fulfillment to our craft. We can’t wait to design for 2020!

Photo of Jessie Lacina
Jessie LacinaSenior Designer
Pink Twig

Florals + Architecture

2020 floral trends you need to know about, 12 2020 floral trends you need to know about, 13

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Anne Photography

Florals are traditionally reserved for ceremony and reception spaces, but our clients are expanding their focus to other areas of their venue. Whether it’s a fireplace or a staircase, the addition of florals to existing architectural focal points creates a cohesive environment that's warm and inviting for guests no matter where they travel in the venue.

Photo of Erin Lucuik
Erin LucuikFlorist
Mum's Garden

Large, Dramatic Centerpieces

2020 floral trends you need to know about, 14

Photo Courtesy of Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Centerpieces are getting bigger and more immersive than ever. More and more brides are shifting towards creating larger more dramatic centerpieces to fill space and create an immersive experience for guests. Imagine dining underneath a large tree or floral structure with cascading florals and candles... almost something out of a fairy-tale!

Photo of Raviv
RavivEvent Architect & Creative Director
R5 Event Design

Dyed and Painted Blooms

2020 floral trends

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Wood

We feel that it's so important to have a precise colour palette for your wedding flowers. With the rise of painted and dyed flowers, brides and grooms have a lot less restriction when it comes to colour. It's a great way to create a memorable colour story that runs throughout all aspects of your wedding while still having a variety of flowers to choose from.

Photo of Dayna Armstrong
Dayna ArmstrongFloral Designer
Patchouli Floral Design

Organic Style Design

2020 floral trends you need to know about, 15

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Thurston Photography

A wedding floral trend that will continue to be popular in 2020 is the organically styled floral design. This design style features wild vines and mixed foliage together with blooms of varied textures. Our Clients continue to request this design style because of the garden inspired feel it provides. When done well it's as though your flowers have been hand picked from a garden and perfectly placed, just so.

Photo of Rosanne Farano-Romanino
Rosanne Farano-RomaninoCEO & Creative Director
The Social Rose

Floral Focused Designs

architectural in style, with minimal-to-no foliage
2020 floral trends you need to know about, 16

Photo Courtesy of Purple Tree Wedding Photography

I think floral focused designs, architectural in style with minimal-to-no foliage will continue to dominate 2020. Neat, structured and modern and less whimsical. Installations are always a winner with what we do, especially for a big focal moment. Clean lines are making headway in both fashion and design, and that trend has now moved towards wedding designs and florals. Having details come through in accessories that accompany the florals vs. having the florals be overly complicated. This helps to highlight the Venue as well.

Photo of Becky De Oliveira
Becky De OliveiraOwner and Creative Director
Blush and Bloom

Designing without Floral Foam

2020 floral trends you need to know about, 17

Given the strong push within the industry to design more eco-friendly events and weddings, gorgeous, more eco-friendly designs are emerging. In many typical floral installations, floral foam, which is a degradable but not biodegradable single use open cell plastic (meaning that it will eventually break down to dust, although will never completely break down to its natural form), is often used. In contrast, the babies breath floral cloud we made last year for a wedding at Archeo, was made solely from chicken wire and copper pipe, literally hours before the event started to ensure it would last all night long, and of course, proudly without a brick of floral foam being used.

Photo of Amber Richman
Amber RichmanOwner & Creative Director
Cool, Green and Shady