For some brides, the most exciting part of the wedding planning process is shopping for the dress– for others, it’s the part they dread the most. If you are the latter, you’re in luck! There are a ton of options if you are not here for the whole ‘white dress’ thing:

Pick a different colour

For some brides, it’s not so much the dress that bugs them but the fact that they are expected to wear white. If this is you, the solution is simple– pick a different colour! Whether you want a gold sparkly gown, or something edgy like red or black, the options are endless.

Dress Alternatives Dress Alternatives

Romper/ Jumpsuit

A trend that has started making waves in recent years is the bridal jumpsuit. Everyone loves a good one piece and rocking one while you’re walking down the aisle may just be the best thing since chocolate fountains. We suggest finding a romper or jumpsuit that has a little more structure and a neckline that you love to avoid the pajama look for your photos.


Whether you are going for a sophisticated jacket and skirt (think Carrie and Big) or rocking the tapered pant look, suits can be a fun and stylish addition to your wedding look. Don’t think of your wedding suit as a stuffy office uniform, think of it as yet another opportunity to showcase your personality. Bonus, suits look great with all sorts of footwear, so you can rock stilettos or sneakers and still look awesome.

Dress Alternatives


For brides that just don’t like dresses, separates can be a great option. Pairing a top you love with a skirt of your choosing can help bring together a bridal look that is both flattering and comfortable. What’s great about separates, is that you can mix and match top styles with a skirt that fits your needs. This means that walking down the aisle in a billowy maxi skirt and changing into something a little shorter for the party is totally doable.


Let’s be honest, sometimes pants are the way to go! Once again, this doesn’t need to be part of your office uniform but can be as high fashion as you would like. From tapered, to flowing, there are many different styles to choose from. You can also add a skirt cape for a little more dimension.

As you can see, there are tons of great, stylish options for brides who may not want to wear the white dress on their wedding day. Traditions are changing which opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to wedding fashion. What do you think– would you rock a wedding dress alternative for your big day?