One of the most fun parts of a wedding is the couple’s grand entrance into the reception. The ceremony is over, you’ve had a drink or two and can finally relax and have fun. The grand entrance is a chance for your guests to get a little crazy and welcome you as a married couple for the first time. Instead of having your MC or DJ announce you, why not make it one to remember and add a little something to your entrance?

Here some ideas that are both fun and noteworthy

1. Flash mob or performance:

Grab your wedding party and perform a flash mob for your guests, you can also have your family join in as the dance progresses. This can easily lead into your first dance and makes for great photos and videos. If you and your spouse are talented in other ways, now would be the time to show off! Sing a duet or perform a dance to start your reception off with a bang!

2. Sparklers:

We’ve all seen the weddings where the bride and groom exit surrounded by a dazzling array of sparklers. Well, what if you had your guests welcome you with them instead? Have your guests form two parallel lines and run through with your bridal party and new spouse..

5 unique ways to enter your wedding reception in style, 1

Photo Courtesy of Mango Studios

3. Go big or go home:

Consider letting your more lighthearted passions shine for your entrance. For example, if you are football fans, jump through a paper banner with your married name on it. If your budget knows no bounds, consider going way over the top for your entrance. Maybe it’s a horse drawn carriage, maybe you arrive on a ski boat or in a helicopter, the world is your oyster!

4. Find a venue that has a grand entrance built in:

Depending on the scale of your venue, you may be able to have an entrance to remember at no cost to you. Some venues have the ability to raise you up in the middle of the dance floor or a stage curtain entrance right into your first dance!

5. Confetti or balloon drop:

Forget saving the balloon drop or confetti until the end – have your entrance be accompanied by a little extra something. Enter alongside confetti cannons, or hundreds of balloons dropping from the ceiling. The photos will be amazing and who doesn’t love playing with a balloon on the dance floor?

Now is the time to get creative– remember that your entrance is when the party gets started, it’s supposed to be fun! Whether you rappel down from the ceiling or simply do an easy line dance – have fun and go big!