The thought of rain on your wedding day might be enough to send you into a mental tailspin. Outdoor wedding and rain, seriously? Bad weather can ruin the fun of your wedding party, but don’t fear! If you’re planning for an outdoor venue then plan for the unexpected weather, an outdoor wedding rain plan will help you smoothen your special day without stress. A little wet weather won’t bother your big day as long as you make a rain plan with your wedding venue and vendors, and keep your guests well informed. Read on for everything you need to know regarding how to prep for the rain during your wedding and last minute changes.

Talk to your vendors


If rain is a worry on your wedding day, communicate that with your wedding vendors – especially your venue. They’re the pros and it’s likely not the first time they’ve had to pivot to accommodate rainy weather. By having an alternate outdoor wedding rain plan in case of rain already in place, you’ll be at ease no matter what the weather brings.

Call your caterers and see if they can include delicious weather-appropriate drink options on the menu. Offering your guests a spiked cider or steaming hot chocolate will be a wonderful welcome from the rain.


If you were planning on having an outdoor wedding (and your venue doesn’t offer an indoor alternative in case of rain), make sure you’ve got everything you need to stay cozy and dry outside:

  • Tent Placement: Plan ahead where you’ll pitch the tent. Look for higher ground to avoid flooding. 
  • Flooring: Make sure there are plenty of mats at the entrances for guests to brush off their wet shoes, and secure rainproof flooring for your tent.
  • Tent Quality: Make sure your tent is sturdy enough to block out wind, keep in the heat, and stay dry.
  • Temperature Control: Keep some heaters handy in case the temperature starts to dip.
  • Lighting: This is the perfect excuse to string up those twinkle lights you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest!

If you are able to move your outdoor wedding inside, think about how you can recreate a natural feel indoors with your decor and table placements.

Communicate with your guests

As the date of your wedding approaches, send your guests an update. This is important so that they can plan ahead of time if the weather forecast still doesn’t look promising. For those traveling from afar, the weather reminder may be welcome as they finalize transportation plans (and outfit choices).

Even if you let your guests know about the possibility of rain, it might be worth stocking up on extra umbrellas and towels. If anyone gets caught in the rain they can quickly dry off!

Inspired accessories


Photo courtesy of Lori Waltenbury

Rain doesn’t have to put a damper on your day – if anything it’s an excuse to add whimsical and classic accessories to your nuptials!

  • Grab a custom umbrella and take romantic outdoor raining wedding photos with your partner. Decorate your wall with the memories of rainy wedding photos, it’s fun.
  • If you’re expecting heavy downpours, it might be worth investing in some wellington boots for any time spent outside – you can always change into your wedding shoes after!
  • Invest in some outerwear – a sophisticated trench coat that’s waterproof, windproof, and elegant!

Go with the flow – but be prepared!


Photo courtesy of Toronto Wedding Studios

  • Wet weather doesn’t mean you still can’t look flawless. Give your hair and makeup artists a heads up that they may have to anti-frizz and weather-proof your look. 
  • Depending on the length of your dress, you may want to enlist the help of your bridal party to help carry your train as you get around from location to location. 
  • It could be worth bringing a backup outfit you love, just in case you need to change into something if you do end up getting rained on.

All in all…

Raining on your wedding day can be hard, but don’t obsess over your ‘wedding-day rain forecast.’ Yes, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect, but try not to get too hung up on it. The weather conditions are out of your control, so make sure to minimize its effect on you during your big day. Ultimately, you’re about to marry the love of your life – come rain or shine. Have a backup plan for the weather accordingly but don’t give it another thought afterward for your special day!