Let’s take a moment to talk about everyone’s favourite food group: CAKE! When it comes to planning your wedding the main thing to keep in mind is that the cake should fit seamlessly into your wedding – not be an eyesore or something that draws attention away from you.

When choosing your cake, here are some things to keep in mind:

Your cake should be one of the last things on your to do list:

First things first – your cake should be one of the last things you finalize. Yes that’s right, wait until after you set your date, your venue and your guest list before hiring a baker. Wedding seasons are hectic and you want to make sure that the bakery you choose has the capacity to do your cake. The venue is important because you need to make sure your bakery will deliver but also that they can fit your delivery into the schedule. Finally, your guest list will determine the size of the cake.

6 things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding cake, 1 6 things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding cake, 2

Consider your theme:

While you may love the look of a semi-naked cake, if you’re hosting a black-tie affair – the rustic look will clash with your wedding. This is why the cake should be left until all stylistic decisions have been made. Dress style, reception décor and venue serve as a blueprint for the design and structure of your wedding cake. Choose a cake that’s compatible with the venue, season, and flower arrangements.

TIP: If you want colorful accents such as flowers or water colour accents, give your baker fabric swatches.

Price is determined by slice, not by tiers:

Generally, your baker will charge you on a per person basis rather than per tier. The size of your guest list will determine which size pan is needed to make your cake in your desired style. This means that yes(!) you can have your intimate wedding and your five tiered wedding cake! If you have a small crowd have your baker make the tiers narrower or, have them insert dummy tiers using foam that is decorated the same way as the other tiers.

Don’t expect a magazine cake:

Pinterest and bridal magazines are always a great place to go for inspiration – but don’t expect your cake to look exactly like what you see there. When creating a cake for an editorial, bakeries will often use food styling tricks so that they don’t need to worry about the cake sinking or melting. The ‘cake’ is often foam and there is often a layer of styling spray or glue to keep the cake looking perfect.

Consider the weather:

Your venue and date will determine important details about your cake. For instance, if you’re having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, stay away from whipped cream, meringue and buttercream – they melt. Ask your baker about summer icing options; you might want to go for a fondant-covered cake —it doesn’t even need to be refrigerated.

Always spring for delivery:

Cake delivery takes coordination. Complex cakes may not necessarily be delivered in final form. Keep in mind that your bakery may need time and space for assembly– and that refrigeration may also be required.