You’ve gotten engaged (congratulations!) and now you’re ready to throw yourself into wedding planning mode. Picking out flowers, going to cake tastings, there’s so much to be excited about before getting married!

It’s almost too easy to lose some perspective on doing the work that’s going to set you up with a strong marriage (and not just a beautiful day). Once the honeymoon is over, are you both going to be on the same page about where you’re living, who’s handling which bills, or when’s the right time to start trying for a baby?

Not sure? Not to worry! Check out this list of six things every couple should talk about.

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Getting Married


Getting aligned on finances has got to be one of the most crucial conversations you can have pre-wedding. And for good reason – it can become a major issue in your marriage if not discussed openly! It’s essential that you talk about things like spending habits, savings, bills, vacations, and bank accounts.

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Getting Married

Career Goals

A career can touch on many aspects of your marriage, depending on the particular job. For example, if you’re planning on pursuing a master’s degree in order to get a promotion at work, that’s going to affect your finances, your schedule, and your mindset. Your partner needs to be aware of your future goals and what it’s going to take to achieve them! Both of you also need to be aware of the fact that certain jobs may require a lot of travel or possible relocation. Would you both be ok with that? Keep each other in the loop about your jobs and what you’re both willing to compromise on.

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Getting Married

Family Relationships and Kids

Do you plan on seeing your in-laws during the holidays or are they coming over every weekend? That’s probably something you’d want to know ahead of time.

Then, if you haven’t discussed having a family (and when you plan on starting) that’s a conversation you absolutely need to have before getting married. While on the topic of kids, discuss parenting styles and hypothetical situations. It may seem a little silly, but it’s definitely something you will both argue about if you don’t see eye to eye once kids are in the picture.

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Getting Married

Religion and Core Values

Before saying “I do” it’s important to discuss your individual values and beliefs, such as religion, traditions, and politics. You may not always agree, but you need to respect each other’s viewpoints and ensure that they’re not a deal-breaker before walking down the aisle.  

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Getting Married

Communication Style

Having a difference in communication style is normal in relationships! While you might want to address a disagreement right away while your partner would prefer to revisit the conversation once the dust has settled. Many couples learn to deal with it and accept their differences before getting married. Different communication styles only really become a problem when partners don’t understand their differences and fail to accommodate one another.

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Getting Married

Love Languages

Knowing each other’s love languages will seriously benefit your relationship! By understanding what types of actions will make your partner feel most loved and appreciated, you’ll both be on the right track to a happy and healthy relationship.

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