Another gorgeous wedding feature today! Captured by Vanessa Paxton at historic Ruthven Park, Anna and Vlad’s wedding features a lot of sparkle (loving the shoes and the linens!) and a ton of fun with the bridal party.

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Get ready for a sweet and emotional “first look” followed by a romantic photo session with the couple prior to the ceremony.
VanessaPaxton05 VanessaPaxton06 Ruthven Park VanessaPaxton08 VanessaPaxton09 VanessaPaxton10 VanessaPaxton11 Ruthven Park VanessaPaxton12 VanessaPaxton13 VanessaPaxton14 Ruthven Park VanessaPaxton16 VanessaPaxton17

After the ceremony, it’s time for fun with the bridal party. We’re sure Vanessa had a lot of fun with this group!

VanessaPaxton21 VanessaPaxton22 VanessaPaxton23 vanessapaxton0019vanessapaxton0026 vanessapaxton0026a vanessapaxton0027 vanessapaxton0028 vanessapaxton0029 Wedding at Ruthven Park, Hamilton, Ontario, Vanessa Paxton Photography, 8