Rebecca and Ryan’s romantic big day proves that a truly stunning wedding need not be complicated. As captured by Vanessa Paxton, the couple opted for an intimate day filled with flower crowns, vintage gowns, and a simply gorgeous setting at South Pond Farms. The love is palpable, the style is flawless, and the rustic backdrop epitomizes everything a DIY wedding should be.

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Charming and natural home-made floral accents were evident throughout the day.

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Thanks to the natural beauty of South Pond Farms, the wedding’s ambiance was one of a woodsy and romantic fairy tale.

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The couple’s cozy reception was held in a picturesque barn illuminated with strings of sparkly white lights and ornate chandeliers. Bouquets of delicate wildflowers lined the antique farm tables along with pretty floral dishes. Romantic poems and pictures of the couple brought an intimate, personal touch to the rustic surroundings.

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Amidst a luminous and wooden background, the newlyweds enjoy their first dance.