When you first start planning your wedding, you might think that you have to get married between the months of May and August – in fact, lots of people believe that the best month to get married is June. However, if you are not concerned with having an entirely outdoor wedding, you should consider getting married in the winter.

Here are six reasons winter weddings are quickly becoming more popular and why you should consider having one:

1. Winter weddings will save you money: Yep! Since most people don’t want to get married in the winter months, many venues and vendors will offer a discounted rate for choosing a date in the winter. This can free up significant cash in your budget for other things… like a dream honeymoon!

2. Snow makes for a beautiful backdrop to your big day: Let’s be honest, as much as people complain about the snow… it really is beautiful, especially when there are big flakes falling from the sky and it coats the world in fluffy white.

winter wonderland wedding

Photo Courtesy of Purple Tree Wedding Photography

3. You will have your pick of wedding dates: Because less people choose to get married in the winter, by picking a winter wedding date, you will essentially have your pick of dates. So, if you don’t want to wait to get married, consider a winter wedding.

4. You have built in decorations: One of the best things about getting married around the holidays is that many venues have been decorated with trees and other beautiful decorations. This will save you money on décor and also give your wedding a cozy ambiance.

5. Think of the photos!: When you’re not battling the humidity of summer months, you can really start to have fun with your photos. Grab a faux fur shawl, or some cute Uggs and traipse through the snow with your boo or your bridesmaids. What’s more, taking photos while it’s snowing will make all your pictures look like they are filled with tiny diamonds.

6. There are a ton of fun ‘winter things’ you can add: Apple cider, a horse drawn carriage, or a roaring fire with warm blankets – there are a ton of super fun and cute things you can do to make your winter wedding cozy and memorable.

As you can see, there is no reason to shy away from winter weddings! While they are less popular than their summer counterparts, they really do deserve a moment in the spotlight. From the amazing photos to mulled wine, who wouldn’t want a winter wedding?