As we head into the colder months, the last thing most of us want to do is leave the warmth of our house. If you are planning your wedding during a month that is typically a little chilly, you may be wondering how to make your wedding extra cozy so your guests are more likely the put on their dancing shoes and come celebrate with you. Here’s how to turn the cold into an opportunity for coziness and intimacy, making your winter wedding unforgettable.

Have blankets at the ready

If it’s actually cold on your wedding day, make sure your guests are physically cozy thanks to warm blankets or pashminas. Strategically placed heating lamps are always a good idea too.

Cozy Wedding

Have warm drinks on hand

There’s nothing that says cozy quite like a mug full of your favourite warm beverage. Whether it’s hot apple cider during your ceremony or a hot chocolate bar complete with some liquor options during the reception– adding something warm for your guests to sip will be sure to keep them happy and cozy. For example, offer a warm drink selection with a ‘create your own’ hot toddy station. Offer a variety of spirits, spices, and garnishes, allowing guests to craft their own personalized winter cocktails.

Candles, candles and more candles

The easiest way to up the romantic ambiance in any setting is candles—even at a large party like your wedding. As long as your venue allows for open flame– add candles wherever you can, your reception centerpieces, ceremony aisle and altar are great places to start. If your venue isn’t keen on the whole fire thing, there are plenty of electric options available! Utilize a variety of candles – from tea lights to scented pillars – to create a warm, fragrant ambiance. Different candle types can set varying moods and add a unique charm to your winter wedding décor.

Use smaller tables

Skip the long rectangular tables with high centerpieces and opt instead for round tables of 8-10. Smaller dinner tables are magic and your reception will instantly feel like an intimate dinner party instead of a formal event. Maybe even consider mixing and matching round and square tables, incorporating rustic elements like wooden chargers or centerpiece stands, to create a visually interesting and cozy dining setup.

Cozy Wedding

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Family style dinner

Expand your family-style dining with dishes like a hearty roast, various pasta delights, or themed cuisines reflecting your shared heritage or favorite travel destinations. Keep your centerpieces low so that guests can see each other and serve family-style dishes to encourage a dinner party atmosphere and make food and conversation the focal point.

Serve comfort food

Simple, delicious food inspired by your favorite home-cooked meals will instantly make your guests feel like they are kids again. Work with your caterer to create a nostalgic, yet elevated menu that feels personal to you. Think tomato bisque and fancy grilled cheese; steak frites and of course, pie! Maybe even consider incorporating seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, squash, and root vegetables into your comfort food menu, bringing the essence of the season to your wedding feast.

Create intimate lounge areas

Let’s face it, there are some guests who will need to take a break from dancing– so it’s a good idea to give them somewhere to sit. Rather than have your guests line the dance floor like an awkward grade school dance, set up pockets of comfortable furniture throughout the space so guests can sit, chat and have a drink. This is the best way to add a little cozy to your wedding and gives elderly or non-dancing guests something to do after dinner. Adorn your lounge areas with plush throw pillows, vintage furniture, or even a faux fireplace setup, crafting cozy nooks for guests to relax and socialize.

Cozy up to a fire

There is potentially nothing better than cozying up to a fire. While it won’t be possible at every wedding venue, adding a fire to your night after dinner is a great way to make guests feel cozy. And if you happen to have an acoustic guitar hanging around, we can almost guarantee someone will play it!

Fire Pit Safety: Cozy Alternatives

For venues where real fires aren’t feasible, consider LED flameless fire pits or outdoor heaters, ensuring safety while maintaining a cozy ambiance.

Musical Entertainment

Enhance the intimate atmosphere with live acoustic music. Hiring a band or musician to play ambient, cozy tunes can add a special touch to your evening.

We invite you to share your own cozy winter wedding ideas and experiences. Your insights can inspire and guide other couples planning their dream winter nuptials!