You’re definitely going to fall for the woodsy, boho, and sophisticated vibes in Cydney and Jay’s wedding. The couple made it official at a scenic cottage surrounded by gorgeous greenery that emanated a chic calmness to the day. Filled with personal details and romantic touches, Fern Cohen Events made the couple’s celebration unforgettable. The bride was the picture of effortless elegance with gorgeous hair by Bruna Mata. Thankfully Lori Waltenbury was on hand to capture each beautiful moment.

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The couple’s stylish photo session was filled with sweet moments with Mother Nature in full swing around them.

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The inviting grounds were the perfect setting for a timelessly elegant ceremony that took place underneath a grand tent by Create Shade Party Tent Rental and was bursting with flowers and featured a breathtaking arch.

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The couple’s reception combined romantic and bohemian vibes with delicate decor from Sweet Woodruff.

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Guests were treated to delicious fare from Toben Food by Design.

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