You’re sure to find Pin-spiration with this beauty of a wedding! It’s rustic, romantic, and oh-so-timeless with its delicate, darling details. Located at the picturesque Fields on West Lake and perfectly captured by photographer Lori Waltenbury, the Laurens’ big day truly is a memorable one!

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The couple share a sweet first look before their romantic photo session amidst gorgeous greenery.

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The couple’s reception is the perfect blend of rustic elegance with a touch of whimsy. From the fun “dancefloor rules” poster, to the magical Chinese lanterns, to the chic tablescapes, everything about the evening encapsulates the newlyweds’ love story. A delicious dessert table featuring yummy cupcakes by Prairie Girl Bakery and a gorgeous wedding cake from Kelly’s Cakes ended the night sweetly.

Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0126 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0132 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0843 Fields on West Lake Lori Waltenbury, 11 Lori.Waltenbury.020 Fields on West Lake Fields on West Lake Lori Waltenbury, 12 Lori Waltenbury, 13 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0562 Lori Waltenbury, 14 Lori Waltenbury, 15 Lori Waltenbury, 16 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0567 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0695 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_0846