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Shiranthi Crystol

December 2018

I had such an amazing experience at David's Bridal. This was my second time there and both times Grace at the Warden and Eglinton location was such a GREAT help. She listened to me and what I wanted and was very patient with me. She kept providing me with different suggestions and ideas and let me try on any dress I wanted in the store. I am very happy with the service. If you go to this location ask for Grace!!!

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Nicolle J

December 2018

I had a wonderful consultant who made me feel very comfortable. She was honest, quick and very focused on my taste and preferences. I was quite anxious going in to try on dresses but she made the day so worthwhile. My bridesmaids and mother also enjoyed her expertise and customer service.If you are looking for a quiet and intimate experience this would not be the appropriate place, however the selection of dresses met my standards and I found a beautiful dress which was affordable and exactly what I had in mind!

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Danica Vitto

December 2018

The stylist helping me out was Silvia. She was super helpful. I had a style in mind but she recommended for me to try other styles on as well which was great because I got to see what dresses suited my body type. I really enjoyed my time at Davids Bridal. The staff were super friendly. Prices for the dresses were super affordable! I told her my budget was $5000 and all the dresses I tried on were below $2000 which is amazing! Great prices for such beautiful dresses! I found one that I really really liked but did not say yes to the dress yet because I have other appointments, but its definitely on the top of my list. Highly recommend booking an appointment here.

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Meaghen Johnson

November 2018

I normally don't like to be negative about anyone working in retail or customer service. It's a tough business, and you never know what kind of day the other person has had. But after seeing several other reviews of women who had a similar experience to mine, it's safe to say this wasn't an isolated incident and seems to be an indication of how David's Bridal conducts its business.I had made an appointment for 3pm over a month in advance to look at bridesmaids' dresses and had indicated that there were three women in my wedding party. The woman at the check-in was very friendly, and said that my "stylist" (I really hesitate to use that title with her) would be with us momentarily and that we should start looking at dresses. Roughly 20 minutes later, I was called back to the front and notified that my stylist was here. I can't even tell you her name, as she never introduced herself. She just roughly stuck out her hand with no attempt at a greeting. After pointing out a few dresses we liked, she said she had a bride she was still looking after and would be back with us shortly. It was another 20 minutes before my maid of honour finally went back to the front to ask what happened. Our stylist returned five minutes after that with no apology, saying she had to clear out a dressing room for us . We were only given one dressing room for three women (again, I had indicated well in advance how many would be trying on dresses). It took her over 20 minutes to clear out one dressing room, and she never once attempted to communicate with us where she was or what she was doing during that time.Besides actually going to get dresses in sizes, the stylist offered no help whatsoever, including any kind of suggestions. My bridesmaids had to find clamps themselves and were pinning their own dresses. There was a bride trying on dresses right next to us, and she was in the same boat. The same stylist would bring her a dress, and then abandon her. The bride's friend was clamping the dress, and the bride was asking us what we thought. My sister even suggested for one dress trying a belt with it, which my sister-in-law grabbed for her. When the stylist finally returned and saw the bride now with a belt on the dress, she replied somewhat rudely, "I've never seen a belt on that dress."To cap all this off, the stylist bluntly told my sister-in-law that she was a size 16 (this is in street clothes, not any kind of bridal or formal wear sizing). My sister-in-law handled it very well, and said she had never worn a size 16 in her life but was willing to try it. Sure enough, she was swimming in the dress and it looked ridiculous on her. Overall I'm just utterly disappointed by the entire experience. People rave about David's Bridal and I was excited to try it. But it doesn't appear that they're interested in giving anyone an enjoyable experience. They expect you to buy something because of the name behind them. I'm glad to see others have had an enjoyable experience at the store, but I would not recommend this location to anyone.

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