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The Brides’ Project has been in operation since 2004, and has three very important purposes: we provide a cost-conscious option for brides, promote the reuse and upcycling of bridal garments to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry and donate all our profits to support cancer charities in our local and global communities.
All our gowns are donated from several sources; previous brides (once-loved), designers and salons.  They are priced at 50% of the retail value or less... with prices capped at $1500.  Average gown prices are $550-600.
We have about 500 weddings dresses in sizes 00 to 26, hundreds of veils (many are made in-house), jewelry, shoes and oodles of other accessories.
Appointments are required for dress and veil shopping, and can be made via the app on our website at

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The Bride's Project

Ngoc Nguyen

March 2020

I unfortunately didn't find my dress here but they have sooo many beautiful dresses that are changing all the time. I love the whole concept of the store and the dresses are all priced very fairly. The consultants are also super nice and helpful. Great place to buy a wedding dress at a reduced price and help raise money for cancer.

The Bride's Project

Sarah Floyd

February 2020

Always worth trying this place for a gorgeous dress and great cause. Didn't find my beauty here but I would recommend going AMD supporting the cause, you may even get lucky and find your dress! Professional service.

The Bride's Project

Katie S

January 2020

This shop sells donated wedding dresses at less than half of the original retail price, with the proceeds going to cancer research. I found a beautiful dress here, well under my budget. The only caveat is that the space is a converted Victorian house, will small rooms, so believe the staff when they tell you it's too small to accommodate big entourages.

The Bride's Project


May 2019

We found our diamond in the rough. Will you find yours? Good selection of wedding dresses for a good price. Service was great and very helpful staff. Also good selection of shoes and accessories for a great price

The Bride's Project

Maria Yasnitsky

January 2019

I made a last minute appointment the day before not expecting to find slots. There were a few options. Even though I was running late they did not make it a big deal. It is an ordinary looking house from the outside. The only way I knew that I came to the right place were signs in the first floor windows.We were asked to take off our shoes and hang our coats. We were given some slippers to wear around the house. A very nice lady explained how the house works and showed me to the change room on the second floor. There are 3 floors but only 2 are open to the public. Each room has a ton of racks with dresses. Each dress has a tag with the price when new and a price that they sell them at. The highest price is $1500. The lowest varies. I bought mine for $300. Some dresses have champagne spills and make up smears but they give you s list of stores that can wash it right out. They also sell veils ($60-$90). They have a small choice of shoes available as well. I absolutely loved the place and I am a petite bride so I did not expect to find any dress. Before going there I went to David's Bridal and the prices were crazy. They did not even have my size... I am so happy for The Bride's Project. Thank you all who donated the dresses. All money goes towards cancer research.

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